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Happy Birthday Ranka

Happy Birthday Ranka!

It’s that time again, the best day of the year besides maybe Christmas.  Ranka’s birthday!  Last year I created a shrine the best I could and this year I have been trying to draw something for Ranka but since my drawing skills are horrible it isn’t ready yet.  Instead here is another shrine, I put it together at the last minute so sorry it’s not very good.

waifu shrine

Since that is not nearly enough I am also celebrating with something I love, Ranka fan art.  I picked out some of my personal favorites here so enjoy.  My only restriction was it wasn’t something I used on my blog before so go check my other posts, like the best outfits rankings, for more great fan art.  Sadly I don’t have a source for most of these to give credit to the people who deserve it but you can go on pixiv and find almost all of them if you wish.

148835 sample 64976

I’d just like to add I love how Tony Taka draws Ranka.  I wish he had done more of this.

8843a78a784e7d6dc6ab7bd98591096d You’ll notice a lot of Magical girl Ranka in this, she just brings out the best in artists.


I wish I had the source on this, it is so good I am not sure if it is official or not.

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I didn’t notice before but I think that is Alto in the crowd right there.

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Couldn’t leave out the avatar I use for myself on this blog, it really captures Ranka’s aura well if you ask me.

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The world lacks far too much Ranka in a kimono.


Carnelian does a really great Ranka!  I wish she had focused more effort on to Ranka and less on to Sheryl and Alto.

17766054 17498758

So cute, fairy Ranka with the teddy bear is adorable.

16930256 25667261 22814728

I would ship Ranka x Ranka but I think the universe couldn’t handle it.


This is really cute, who needs that one guy that ran off with the Vajra queen anyways.


Yet another artist that does not spend enough time drawing Ranka sadly, I think everything else is Sheryl.


One of my favorite artists on pixiv, can find all his/her works here.

29044422 29140026

A bunny Ranka is fine too.


I keep mistaking this for official art but I love Ranka’s look in it.


Never enough kira~!


The outfits here are really interesting and detailed, I really like the wings too.

29584336 30036900

I love fairy Ranka in the mirror, it’s a very cool picture.


There are a couple of things in the way here but I love nurse Ranka and this is probably my favorite fan art of it.

mdlziu2ZOa1rrstnso1_1280 32671916

My 13th and final magical girl Ranka picture.  I love them all.


Not the best drawing but I love how cute she is here.

34469385_p0Ranka goes well with cats too.  Not sure I like Brera in the picture but what can you do.

26962069Finally another drawing from my previously mentioned favorite pixiv artist.  If I finish my picture I will add it somewhere.  Happy birthday Ranka!