While Aquarion Evol does not have the same epic feel to it as Kawamori’s Macross series this show does not fail when it comes to providing me with pure entertainment.  It’s one of the few I could blog about on a weekly basis and I almost want to go back and blog the rest at this point just to get more fun out of the show.  I really do think this episode was fantastic though in every way and it did a good job setting up the finale next week.  It doesn’t feel like they will need to rush any plot lines as most of it has been settled besides the main storyline.

Off subject I finally got around to starting the original Aquarion last week and so far through three episode I think it’s fairly entertaining but it’s no Aquarion Evol.  The characters are really not on the same level as Evol but at least there is still the hilarious perverted innuendo.  If I ever figure out which one is Sazanka in a previous life (if she has one) perhaps my opinion will go up.  Now on with this episode.

“You think you’re so cool cause you can union by yourself?”  I have no problem unioning with myself perhaps you should see a doctor about that.  Although I think that is kind of the opposite of cool but an amusing line anyways.

Right after that we get the battle of two dude’s self unions, feels rather perverse.  Not to mention weird seeing two half mechas fight it out in the sky.

Woah it’s planet folding.  I suppose it’s only a matter of time before this becomes standard in Macross.

“Let me fill your hole.”  I would not expect anything else but this as the line she starts to remember him by.  I suppose even up to the very end this show is still strong in the innuendos.

What a sweet scene, I really liked it and nice to have them reunited again after so long.  Although they are technically still two dudes here.

“I don’t care if you’re a boy or girl.  The one I love is Mix.”

The Boys Love this week was off the scale.  I don’t know why Mecha shows and BL go hand in hand but I imagine there are already 20 doujins being made over this one episode.

Right when they are about to union Yunoha teleports in.  Yunoha is such a troll, perfect ee han timing.

ROFL SAZANKA!  Sadly still no lines for her in this episode.  Oh well I guess she won’t get much more screen time but at least we’ll always have episode 21.

I’m feeling bad for Kagura too now.  Starting to feel like Kagura is just going to get the short end of the straw in all of this of anyone.  Placing him as a candidate to die next episode now if not merged with Amata.

I thought two things while watching the two fight.  One this brought back memories of Macross Plus and why does it seem like when two guys are involved in a love triangle they fight each other instead of letting the girl decide.  Also, I figure this is how a lot of the shippy fans viewed Ranka and Sheryl’s relationship sadly.

On another note I loved the animation in this episode.  So many beautiful screenshots.

Now even Zessica has lost her face???  This is both enrages and disturbs me at the same time.  I’m not sure how they are going to get Zessica back but I figure it will involve nakedness and glowing.  I’m also fearing Zessica is going to die at this point.  I don’t completely understand his issues either just the basics of it, I guess having watched the original Aquarion in full would help me understand him.

I wasn’t going to try to bring up Ranka anymore in blogging this show but combine the weird glowing naked thing (I know it’s not new but still) and how this felt just like how when Grace captured Ranka and used her against her will to try to kill off everyone I just can’t help it.  I’m honestly trying to figure out which of all of them is most like Ranka at this point, maybe I just have a problem.

Well I suppose the preview certainly implied it is going to be an Amata ending.  I am fine with this as it fits in with my own goals here but knowing this show the field is wide open.

I can’t wait for the last episode but at the same time it’s really sad we are down to one final episode.  I expect Megumi Nakajima’s song next week as well.  I really hope they announce a movie after the final episode, please just don’t do a silly reboot where you just give all the most popular people the best moments while killing the original storyline.  Although I wouldn’t cry over a Sazanka lead role reboot however unlikely that is.  This is one pandering I can live with as she deserves way more air time than she got in this series.