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Macross Frontier discussion to me had settled for better or for worse but this crazy fandom just keeps giving me reasons to come back.  I see no end to new commentary or unique opinions about Macross F and this has in turn spawned a new desire to discuss more topics as well.  As such I am going to make (hopefully) a small series of posts on the different topics I want to go over.  This does assume you’ve read some of my previous posts on Macross or have a good knowledge of what I have discussed in them already.

On the love triangle

Firstly I’d like to add a little much needed commentary and perspective on the love triangle which perhaps I’ve never been all that clear about. For a while I was motivated by the idea of Ranka getting a bad end in the movies and saving her a happy end in the TV series but for you the reader this isn’t really the point you should be taking away from it all.  The fact is nothing happen at the end of either anime as far as Alto is concerned and anything pointing to the contrary is at best suspect information.  There were no wedding bells in either ending not even a kiss, it was at best half a line in one version which follows with Alto leaving.  This is not really a definitive future for all the talk over the love triangle in this anime.

macross triangle

So really what is there to argue over when it comes down to imagination on what happens next, well a few things actually.  In the TV series how it was originally intended to end before it was messed with by Yoshino can really change a lot of the meaning behind scenes leading up to the end and in turn changes the characters themselves.  Getting this right can make a big difference, prime example is I feel like if the Sheryl shippers are right about everything her character to me becomes something I just don’t have a shred of respect for ironically.  This is why I want the TV series to be shown the way it was intended because it really makes all the characters look better and the story flow so much better (I may go more into detail on this on a later post).

With the movie the main issue relating to the love triangle is the fact that when you break it down you see they made the plot way worse than it had to be almost solely for the sake of having Alto choose Sheryl.  I’ve gone into this somewhat more before so I’ll leave it alone but when you really think about it this is one of the worst reasons to make something bad simply to change an ending which still was more or less a troll ending in disguise.  I just feel like there should be so much more outrage at this than there is.  They could have improved the plot so much if they just stuck to mixing up the original plot and filling in the weak areas.  Instead we get something that deep down stinks and for a shallow reason.

Finally the part that I really thinks gets lost in discussion is I feel like in the entire series Alto only ever proved himself to be worthy of either Ranka or Sheryl once at the climax of the TV series to Ranka.  This is why I don’t consider myself a shipper really.  I approved of Alto to be with Ranka at the end and I like seeing a happy Ranka in love.  I don’t think Alto is worth fighting over more over it just worked out this way and she deserves it even if that is not how most will know it to be.  Who belongs with who is not something I even really care about.  Like I said before the future here is wide open so why force these three teenagers into a lifelong commitment.  Not to mention Macross marriages don’t seem to go very well so do you really want one for your character?

On Macross fandom

On the fandom side one of the more frustrating aspects is since the show does not spell out every single thing for the viewer what makes sense and adds up when interpretation is needed is often replaced by what is desired.  I mean I can’t blame anyone for going with what you desire in something that is designed around fantasy and escapism.  Still it would be nice if common belief at least stayed realistic and consistent.

end of the triangle

One glaring example is how it is rather common for fandom to think Alto missing at the end is canon because it’s common in Macross for main characters to disappear.  However, at the same time fandom doesn’t find any trouble at all reading into rather dubious information that implies his fate afterwards even though that really goes against Macross tradition.  I think one major reason the characters disappear is simply to leave the story alone going into future projects and to leave the future wide open, you can interpret what you want but calling it fact on anything that happens afterwards is rather silly.

The other oddity I often notice is how much importance people place on needing the love triangle results to match up between all versions.  I mean you have events in both the movies and series that are completely opposite, you have people who die in one that don’t die in another and characters almost completely changed.  Yet for some reason who someone loves needs to be completely unchanged.  I don’t even have an explanation for this except that in Macross the love triangle is rather important thing.

Like I said already if you really want something to match up between all versions it’s that nothing happened.  So in that regards if you want it consistent you can say Alto never hooked up with either of them, aka sky end if you want to think of it that way. The thing is they had chances lately with both FB7 and the Macross 30th game to try to show or even hint at the future but instead they chose to leave it alone.  I’d say this is much more telling than anything else of how we should remember the love triangle.

macross 30th game

One final topic on Macross fandom is I am baffled why Macross has such a large amount of haters.  I mean people who are real fans not just random people who don’t like Macross.  I’ve surmised it’s because the series encompasses many different themes that can bring in all sorts of fans.  For example some are in it for the mecha and others for the relationships and then subsets of those like moe and sexy girl fans and so on.  When all these desires clash people lash out at what they think interferes with what they like about Macross.  I think it’s not all that different from a game I play called Starcraft where players of different in-game races often put the blame on the other races being unbalanced when things don’t go as they want it.

While I may have a lot of frustrations still with the topics I discussed here I am still hopeful that desire will give way to reality someday and maybe history will look upon Macross Frontier differently than what I see now.  This is one of the major goals I hope for with this blog even if it’s a long shot as to having any impact.  In the future (but with no guarantees it will get written) I hope to cover topics such as going more into Alto, covering some still misunderstood scenes and perhaps discussing reasoning behind the changes in the movies.