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Besides just ranking dresses I wanted to put in these awards just because there are such a number and variety of outfits for Ranka and Sheryl that are a lot of categories and just interesting costumes worth mentioning.  So this is the post for everything else I haven’t had a place to mention until now.  This was my favorite post to write personally and the awards are for fun here so I hope you enjoy.

The school uniforms of Macross F

First before the awards come the section that is must on most discussions of anime wardrobe, the school uniform.  Of course Japan loves them and I think most anime fans do as well so I created a special section for them even if it meant removing my all time favorite school uniform from my top 20 list.

I have to say this one is not all that great for a school uniforms, in fact if it wasn’t Ranka wearing it here I would say it was almost ugly.  Sheryl’s version of this uniform is not any better (honestly I’m not even sure why Sheryl was going to school in the TV show either she certainly didn’t care about studying) and not really worth showing.  Thankfully they avoided these in the movies for the most part, the best move the movies made.

I like this one better, however it’s only used in the Nyankuri Music Clip Collection I believe.  It looks very cute on Ranka, not a fan of Sheryl’s version since it makes it less a uniform and more an idol outfit (which is what it is but I am talking about school uniforms here) but besides that point it’s not bad.

The greatest school uniform in the history of all school uniforms. This one is just beautiful and fits her perfectly, it’s not too flashy and not too plain.  The colors on this work so much better than the other one.  If I had put this on my top 20 list it would probably be at number 6.

Miscellaneous Awards

The best outfit that needs a full view

I wish they had given us the full view of this one but alas we can only guess.  I love this one anyways but honestly it’s those eyes in this picture which I love most.  These are the eyes I fell in love with.

Best Hippo Pajamas

I’m sure the haters love to pick on Ranka for wearing such childish things but I instead decided to embrace the hippo awesomeness.  Best pajamas ever.

The what-is-this award

Ranka is cute but this outfit I don’t get and neither does anyone else in this scene.  Could have been the worst outfit in Macross F but I just can’t bring myself to say something negative about Ranka.

The surprise I’m a carrot award


Most underused outfit

15 seconds of screen time is all this and her concert gets after 8 episodes of build up.  Then they go back to her old overused stuff (which is still great).  The stage costume never is seen again.

Best swimsuit

Works for both of them here.  Wasn’t much of a fan of either’s swimsuits in the TV series for both of them.  The movie ones were a bit cuter and there are some more out there in official art but I like these the best and think Ranka looks the sexiest in this.

Most Nyan-Nyan

Nihao Nyan!

The outfit that should have been used in the movie but was never put in for some unknown reason despite being used to advertise the movie.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, why did you tease us with this and never go through with it?  You had the perfect opportunity to use the magic idol technology that does instant costume changes at will at the end of this movie to get her into it but yet they just kept her in her pink dress (which was still cute).

The ugliest outfit in all of Macross F

Speaking of stuff from the end of the first movie, this one I wish Sheryl had not changed into during the battle.  Sorry Sheryl fans it’s not about Sheryl here just this outfit is just awful.  It’s basically a pure fanservice outfit disguised as a stage costume.  Granted outside of this outfit there aren’t many I find ugly but I just had to vent about this one.

Best End

Yup this is the best ending possible, Ranka and Sheryl getting married and singing at the wedding.  Oh yeah there are wedding dresses here too, I almost forgot I was writing about that stuff.

Best outfit I forgot about in my top 20

I didn’t remember this until very recently, I love it.  I think I would’ve put it somewhere in between 20-10.


This would go in the fan made section I believe, same story as the last dress.

Best outfits I can’t find the source to

I really would like the source images on these in a decent resolution, hopefully someone out there can help with this?

Now only one final post remains on what I consider the all time greatest outfit in the history of anime.  Although it’s been fun I will be glad I don’t have to come up with things to say about clothing anymore.  I think it’s probably obvious by now I’m not an expert (to put it gently).

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