Today the greatest anime character ever created turns -31! They grow up so fast. *sniff*  I know some people probably think its silly to celebrate a birthday of an anime character but its the only day we have to give celebration for.  I don’t see this as much different from any other holiday as we use holidays anymore.

Since this is the first year I have celebrated her birthday I will share my story of Ranka with you.  I don’t know if anyone really cares but I am going to do it anyways!  I must admit I was not a Ranka fan for the longest time, when I first watched Macross F during it’s broadcast run I didn’t really take note of her.  However, the only blog I consistently read (known as Derailed by Darry at the time I think and now known as BlogSuki) was a Ranka fan and that is what I owe the roots of my fandom of her to as the blog helped me note how cute she really was. 😀

In the end though I was not really a Ranka fan after Macross F was over, mostly I just found her very cute and was cheering for her because I liked her over Sheryl.  It really wasn’t until I saw much of the art work that came out after the show ended and then watching the first movie that started making me a major fan as she was portrayed as awesome and more womanly in addition to being cute and moe and hug-able, basically everything in one package. 😀

I also found the Nyankuri music clip collection which I absolutely loved and made me really take note of the music I already liked but didn’t really listen too outside of watching the show.  In particular was Ranka’s Anata No Oto which is now among my favorite AMV(I guess I would label it?) of all times.

After this I found the soundtrack to Sayonara no Tsubasa when it was released around March 2011 and that continued to heighten my all around love for Ranka until I watched Sayonara no Tsubasa where she was so incredible and amazing that she became the first anime character I considered mai waifu and I became a Ranka nut.

I hope you enjoyed my story more than I think you will but that’s pretty much how I became a Ranka fan without going into too much boring detail.  Probably sounds like I am not much of a TV Ranka fan but I did like her a lot when I re-watched the TV series recently so I suppose I was just blind the first time.  One thing is for certain I always thought Ranka hating was absolutely idiotic even when I was it during the broadcast run.  Anyways if you have something you created for Ranka’s birthday please do put it in the comments so we can all share in the love for this one day a year that is Ranka’s day. 😀