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It’s the best day of the year, Ranka Lee’s birthday! Yeah you heard me Christmas you are number two!  Well being number two to Ranka isn’t all that bad a place to be really. *cough* Sheryl >:D For this year I went through great efforts to take an updated photo of my Ranka collection using all the equipment I could find to make it look nice.  I hope you enjoy as it took quite a bit more effort and time than I expected compared to previous shots.  And like the previous years I also created a little shrine with a birthday cake.

One thing before that though I know I haven’t blogged much lately and mostly due to a combination of writers block and feeling like I am covering the same topics all over again.  Well also the realization that no matter how hard I try to preach Ranka’s greatness it will not make much a difference.  In fact one topic I was considering covering was about perception versus reality which is highly apparently in most people’s views on Macross F and the characters in it.  But I don’t really want to criticize the Macross fandom, Sheryl or the writers currently (I feel I’ve done this enough).

Instead I would rather just show how misunderstood Ranka was in the TV series in doing heroic acts that many didn’t really get partly due to poor writing and partly because it can be hard to see past a moe shell sometimes.  That will likely be the next Macross F related post if I make another one but no promises.  I’m also always toying with more discussion on canon because I find it rather interesting specifically in Macross where the differences makes for a lot of topics you don’t find in other series.  Perhaps I will get more into blogging later if I find inspiration but for now these birthday posts will be the only things I have in the works.  One thing that I am looking forward to though is the new Macross anime whenever it comes out.  I do hope to be able to blog that if it’s good.

Anyways enough going on about blog plans today is about Ranka.  First up is my collection shot which ended up taking an entire day almost to set up and then get a good shot of it.  Partly just because I lack the proper equipment I had to do a bunch of improvision during the shooting of this.

ranka collection large

Here it is, likely my final version of my Ranka figure collection! (be sure to click on it to see it better)  I don’t think I will be doing this again even if I get more figures as this many figures is way too hard to fit into a shot like this.  It took hours adjusting them all so they were not blocking each other as much as possible.  You can see though it isn’t perfect but for the space I had to work with this is what I could do.  I had to leave out a lot of other Ranka goodies I have that I wanted to put into this.  Still I am fairly content with how it came out so I hope you like it.

ranka colleciton

Here is another lower angle picture.  I can’t get in all the figures this way but it’s an interesting perspective so I figured why not add it as well.

ranka shrine

Here is this years waifu shrine!  One of these years I will be brave enough to have an open flame near my Ranka figures but not this year.  Mood lighting sure would be nice though~  I featured in the back my recently repaired nyan nyan Ranka figure which broke last summer when the pegs snapped.  I used super glue to glue her to the base after a lot of effort trying to make new pegs which ultimately wasn’t feasible due to the oddly shaped base.  Hopefully the super glue will hold but for now I will put her in all my pictures I can.

Yes that is carrot cake, which is most fitting for today.  Cake carrot loves you yeah!

drawing 2013

Finally I don’t think I put this into my blog last year but even if I did since I spent so much time on it why not use it again.  This is my drawing I did for Ranka’s birthday last year.  I haven’t drawn at all in the last year so I didn’t think trying to do it now would turn out very well.

Stay tuned for part 2 of birthday content with some of my favorite fan art from the last year.