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Last year I did a post on my favorite Ranka Lee fan art on her birthday and since I found it so much fun to do I thought why not do another one covering this last year.  Like last year there are no rankings or such just the best Ranka goodness I can find.  Yes this isn’t really as on par with last year as that covered 5 years of pictures during the prime of the series popularity but still decent pictures are coming out every once in a while.  Sources for all of these can be found if you look on pixiv, sorry I can’t keep track of it all.  I would like to do another new Ranka outfit list however there has only been a handful of new ones in 2013/14 and useable pictures of most of them are hard to find.


Mahou Shoujo Ranka has continued to be popular and I highly approve.


This is still the best ending, even that horribly written movie could have been almost decent with this kind of ending making up for the rest of it.


Speaking of which despite sourced to that movies ending a peacefully happy Ranka is nice too.

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Yeah lots of Mahou Shoujo Ranka still if you hadn’t notice yet.38421036

I love these kind of pictures that kind of give a vision of what Ranka’s dressing room might be like.  Gives the feeling of expanding the world a little even if not official.  See if you recongize all the outfits and where they come from in this.39220904

Simple but I love Bunny Ranka so I’ll include it.39148120 38892779

This outfit continues to be pretty popular too and for good reason, cute stuff here.


I can’t say no to more Ranka x Sheryl.  40600885

Another nice ending and sure beats the far more popular solution fandom has gone to, really not sure why these pairings aren’t more popular but I don’t really get shippers.  Frankly I’d rather just leave it all alone but alas it’s almost impossible to not.


Precure Ranka is great, Ranka just fits so well into the magical girl genre.


Probably the most popular thing fandom does anymore is ship Ranka with Brera.  I don’t really like it but I don’t hate it either but I feel like this is either just because Ranka fans hate Alto (and I can’t blame them) or because they somehow think Alto is off-limits because they don’t know any better (there is no canon here people and even if they add some in in the future it’s still just a story).

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A blushing Ranka is way too cute, so cute it deserves a source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=41558528

There is also a Sheryl and Ranka one with Sheryl blushing from this meme you can find on pixiv that is great too.

Got any fan art from this last year you liked as well?  Post it in comments!