As stated this is just a mini review of Dead Space, a game I recently bought when it was cheap on Steam.  I’m going to keep this short and simple.  If you want to know more about the game this is probably not the review for you.

Well since this game was meant to be a horror game I’ll talk about that first.  I have to say that at first it was rather intense but as it went on it really lost that intensity just due to the fact that became repetitive, but I must admit even in the later stages of the game I still jumped sometimes when things snuck up on me.  The atmosphere and sound did a good job of this and I think the sound was probably the best/worst part of this game considering how many times I had to stop and look around because I thought I heard something. 😀

Game play was alright.  I found the zero-g zones annoying to navigate personally but open space zones well done but equally annoying in I hate being rushed (but that is the point of course).  However, one thing I think was really poorly done is how the weapon system works considering it is actually to your advantage to not carry around more than 2 general purpose weapons with you.  This is due to the way ammo drops, if you carry around weapons you don’t use or have only a special purpose then getting ammo drops for them will just hinder you in the end.   In fact after I started only carrying the plasma cutter and rifle I had no problems at all with the lack of ammo that I had before.

The game was overall pretty fun and engaging.  It wasn’t very difficult to me (I was on medium setting though) however it wasn’t boring either.  The story was pretty standard but still interesting.  Most of the time the mission objectives were about fixing something or finding something which was pretty average  and nothing really stands out about that.  As someone who likes to know where to go fast I really appreciated the “b” button in this game which gave a nice blue line pointing me where to go.  I’d recommend this game to anyone who likes this genre.