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My moe overlord for winter 2012I must admit I took an instant liking to Mikono from the moment she appeared in that movie theater.  For all the things I don’t like about Kawamori (who is the creator of both Macross F and Aquarion Evol) he sure does know how to create characters that I get attached too.

I suppose she reminds me of how Ranka was at the start of Macross F in that she is a character who has lots of room to grow (and also very cute :)).  She also has the cute little creature who is attached at the hip with her similar to Ranka.  Most of all though I just want to wave her banner against all the haters out there who probably hate her for similar reasons for hating on Ranka.  So I hope she, like Ranka, becomes a character who grows but this time gets a flawless ending.  Although I am not counting on anything (you won’t fool me again Kawamori).

*chants* Go Go Mi-ko-no!