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It has been announced that Megumi Nakajima or as us fans call her Mamegu will be putting her music career on hiatus at the end of March with her final concert in Tokyo.  She will also be releasing her final album titled “Thank You” in February.  This is very sad news indeed and while it’s not 100% that she won’t come back to singing again in the future I think this is very likely the end of the road for Megumi Nakajima as an idol.  To me she has been like a real life Ranka Lee not only because of her role as Ranka but in many ways she reminds me of Ranka.

Thankfully she will still be doing voice acting so it’s not all bad.  But personally I thought her voice had improved so much over the last five years it’s crazy she hasn’t become more and more popular given what a notable start she had to her music career.  We will always remember the love regardless so while I can’t really think of a fitting tribute worthy of the joy her voice as brought us fans instead I will just leave with the song that started it all, Aimo.