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ranka nendo 037 (Large)

The Ranka Lee nendoroid, it may have taken them six years but it has arrived!  This is the figure I was hoping for and had nearly given up on, so it is great to finally see it made.  Not only that but it is number 350 in the nendoroid product line which I think makes it at least a tiny bit more special.  However sadly it did not fully live up to my expectations in every way as I’ll get into more later.  Read on to find out more about what I think of the Ranka Lee nendoroid.

ranka nendo 039 (Large)

Yup, I got two of them and that is the first time for me and maybe the only time I’ll ever buy two of any figure that is not cheap (I do actually own a couple of ichiban kuji kyuncharas).  Anyways the box is a nice orange color that goes well with Ranka, I like this decision.  You can see the difference faces on the back here, they are all faces you’ll find from her Seikan Hikou scene from the TV series.  I love them all although would have chosen a blushing Ranka and a straight happy Ranka face if it were up to me.

One thing I noticed and confirmed they only started doing recently (also was on my miku 2.0) is they now have a small line of English text on the back about arranging face plates.  I think that is a rather notable thing to mention because perhaps they are getting enough overseas sales that we are starting to get a small influence on figures!

ranka nendo 026 (Large)

For the nendo itself the first impression I had is SO CUTE.  I love the little stars on her kira hand, they are a very nice touch.  Even though I have many Rankas of the same size from Ichiban Kuji prizes nobody makes chibi figures like Good Smile Company.  This is why I wanted this figure more than anything else since I started collecting figures.

ranka nendo 032 (Large)

Here is the one and only accessory that came with the Ranka nendo the stage.  This is where the major complaints I have are as first off while the stage is not horrible it’s really just kind of boring.  I could forgive that if they had added in other stuff but sadly this was not the case.  One of the things that make nendos great are the accessories and one reason I looked forward to a Ranka nendo is due to all the cool accessories she has that would be perfect for a nendo.

Where was Ai-kun, her phone and her cute valk backpack just to list some of the more major things associated with her.  Basically this nendo looks like someone just watched a video of her famous Seikan Hikou scene and designed it around that.  While that is not a bad thing it is also not taking full advantage of her potential.  To be honest I wonder if they did not design this to fit with the Sheryl nendo in order to pair them up and increase sales among Macross fans.  I can’t blame them but I’m sad they did not do more.  My cynical side thinks that they just didn’t want to make the Ranka nendo stand out more than the Sheryl one because Ranka has so much more potential when it comes to a nendoroid. lol

ranka nendo 035 (Large)

They made the cute ribbon in back detachable which is a nice touch. It is not the same as having poseable hair which was one thing on my list but hopefully people will find a way to play with this.

ranka nendo 048 (Large)

Both my Ranka’s together with different poses, this makes me happy I got two.  I had to go with the kira for my first one and then the “embrace each other until the ends of the galaxy” face with the other.  One reason I had to get another was because I knew I’d never be able to not use the kira pose if I only had one so my other is for playing around with.

ranka nendo 042 (Large)

Ranka and Gumi side by side both doing of the kira of course.  Perhaps I can switch my pose on Gumi now that I have Ranka to get my nendo kira fix.

ranka nendo 046 (Large)

All my Rankas in her famous orange outfit together doing a kira!  You’d probably think I’d have more of this by now, I was a little surprised I only had four out of my 35 or so.

ranka nendo 054 (Large)

In case you haven’t figured it out yet the real reason good smile company started making Macross figures this year is to advertise all the stuff coming out now in this 30th anniversary.  I think this is the first nendo I got with an ad inside.  Not sure if that is common and my other 8 just didn’t have it but I imagine not likely.  Basically all this stuff out right now is about advertising the Macross F BD box coming out end of December.

ranka nendo 055 (Large)

The other side of the ad, you’d think a Ranka nendo would have ads tailored for Ranka fans.

ranka nendo 033 (Large)

Overall I’m happy with the Ranka nendoroid, despite my complaints.   I feel that even though it barely touched the possibilities it’s still a nendo and it’s still very cute.  I hope that they make a few more and maybe with more accessories next time but realistically I am not holding my breath on any of that.  I’d recommend this to any Ranka fan and to anyone who likes nendoroid.