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Ranka minmay crossover

So the Ranka Lee Minmay crossover figure is the first new Ranka figure in almost a year and I gotta say this has been a long wait but it’s finally here!  I know I was a little late on getting this out (it’s been a month since I got it) hopefully it’s worth the wait for those interested in seeing it.  I also got, as pictured above, a smaller Ranka that came out in the same month so I’ll be talking about that as well.  Anyways lets look at Minmay Ranka!

box shot

The box art for this figure is so cute, it’s almost worth the price alone.  I wish a poster or something was included, I’d pay another 500 yen ($5~) for even a small picture.  It was a nice treat as most Ranka figure boxes are rather boring since they are usually lottery prizes or something.

front (Large)

My first impression of this figure was something is off about the head size, it just feels a little small.  I don’t think it’s that big a deal and weirdly enough is more noticeable from certain angles than others.  It’s possible it’s all in my head (pun intended).

Besides head sizes I am very impressed with her, I think this is easily the best crossover figure of the five so far and I’m not just saying that as a Ranka fan.  Sure they obviously put the most effort into the Sheryl Basara crossover however the guitar is cheap looking and drags down the figure to me (I have a similar complaint for the Minmay Sheryl figure too).  I feel the same way about an Azunyan figure I own, sometimes less is more if you can’t do it right.

back (Large)

Fairly impressed with the quality of this figure for a rather low price, I’d put it above all my other figures that go for under 3000 yen ($30~).  Didn’t notice any defects but I am not an expert at spotting such things (plus I’d rather not know or it’d bug me).  I love the pose, it is simple yet expressive and she does it without have a leg in the air for once.  Speaking of which those legs are rather sexy if I do say so myself! lol

The stand is also pretty cool, usually that is the part figure makers skip on the most to save cost but they put in the Macross 30th logo with Ranka’s signature on top.  It’s simple yet attractive to me.  This is more than most of my figures can say, even the expensive ones.

close (Large)

I’m (somewhat) glad Ranka got this Minmay outfit as it is easily my favorite outfit in Macross that Ranka doesn’t wear.  In fact it’s probably the only really cute outfit in Macross outside a few things Mylene wears.  I’m disappointed though because going with a Minmay outfit is lazy and I’ve had enough with the Ranka/Minmay comparisons without having this add to it.

side (Large)

Scarf type thing pictured above is detachable.  Honestly not sure why this is detachable (perhaps because it’s a different type of plastic) but that is more than any other cheap figure I own can say so I suppose if you want to leave it off for some reason you can.

little ranka

So like I said this little Ranka figure also came with my order and surprisingly it was not even that much cheaper than the Minmay Ranka figure.

mini ranka (Large)

Here I am testing out the figure with the small background cutout that came with my Hatsune Miku 2.0 nendoroid.  I’ve been wanting to have a decent background for figure shots for a while and not sure what to use.  This is obviously not big enough for a larger figure but works fairly well for this size.  I will try not to overuse it but since I won’t be getting that many new figures in the near future it likely won’t an issue.

Gotta say though I always end up loving the tiny figures just as much as the large ones and this is no exception.  She is just so cute and the level of detail on her is impressive for a tiny figure.

ranka town (Large)

Here are all my small Ranka figures hanging out in Miku’s bedroom.  I wonder if the universe could handle four Rankas hanging out and singing in the same room.  I know I’d overload and die from how OP it would be.

The next full-sized Ranka figure (and possibly the last one for a while sadly) is coming up in just a few months.  At the moment I am planning on getting it when it comes out at the end of November however the outfit is not one of my favorites so no guarantees.  I’m still wishing Good Smile Company will step up and give us a decent Ranka figure but not looking so good right now.  Speaking of which there will be a Ranka nendo and puchi nendo soon so there is that to look forward to as well.