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Ranka nendo is here!I am not above shamelessly plugging mai waifu’s figures on my blog.  This is really the first Ranka figure that is not a lottery prize to come out since I started my blog so now you get to see me in salesman mode.  Well maybe I’m not going that far but it would be great if the Ranka nendoroid I’ve been waiting for since I started collecting figures sold well enough to get some high quality Ranka figures in the future.  Read on for info on the Macross F BD box set and Ranka Lee trading strap collection as well.

this face plate is cute too.

this face plate is cute too.

Anyways if you are interested in the nendoroid you can preorder it at the usual figure shops.  I suggest amiami here as they are the lowest price usually and where I buy a lot of my figures from.  There is also Hobby Search here which I’ve never ordered from but seems to be popular too.  Where ever you preorder her from you are doing the world a good service if you do it.

trading straps

While I am being a being shameless and plugging stuff there is also this box of Ranka trading straps that just went up for order.  While not all that impressive as a nendoroid it’s all for the greater cause of Ranka goodness.   Ranka seems to rarely get something for herself anymore so it’s great to see something like this.  You can get them from Amiami here.

BD box set

And finally one last mention on goods, the Macross F BD box set is coming out in December.  While it doesn’t seem to have any subtitles if you want to support the franchise we all love it’s worth it.  It does come with a ton of extras including lots of illustrations, storyboards and much more.  You can order it off Amazon.jp here.

On one serious note about the BD box  it appears to be including new audio commentary and a new audio drama among other goodies.  This does worry me a little about what they will be saying as I don’t really trust the people in charge to give comments or make commentary that is fair-minded.  That is one of the things I was referring to in my previous post on Alto.  We shale see what’s on it but I can’t imagine they are going to openly admit the TV series contradicts the movies but rather try to rationalize it like so many I’ve seen do (poorly).