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Don't judge me!As you can see even though I haven’t posted any figure loot on my blog in 2013 I am still very busy collecting figures.  I just wish there was more Ranka out there for me to buy, 28 Ranka figures is not enough!Ranka 2013I have not bought that much Ranka this year so far, there really isn’t much left for me to buy after everything I got last year.  Everything on the left I just tacked on to my last order because it was so cheap why not get more cute Ranka figures.  The nendoroid petit Ranka on the right I had been waiting for for a long time but it was never cheap enough until now.  She is very cute so glad to be able to add her to my collection.

kira~My only full-sized Ranka Lee figure likely this year is the Ichiban Kuji Seikan Hikou Ranka Lovely Bomber edition.  I already had a figure that is almost exactly like this but the colors are a little different on this one and I love that base.  I think it’s rather lovely so for the price I found it for so I am very happy to get it.  I would still take the Megahouse version any day but both are great additions to my collection.

all my azunyanI know I tend to only show the Macross figures on my blog so I am going to try to change that a little today since new Ranka figures will be few and far between from now on.  Here is my current complete collection of Azunyan for starters.  The Sega game prize figure on the right is really nice for going for only 1500 yen and way larger than I expected for the price.  The only thing missing on it is some guitar strings.

I’ve had the middle figure and the nendo for a long time so nothing new but they are some of my favorite figures.  The DX Azunyan on the far left is brand new to me and very cute too, I might buy more of the series at some point.

nendo houseSpeaking of nendos here is my little nendo house (with Ranka supervising).  My Sakura Miku nendo is off in front of my computer at the moment but all the other nendos I own are here.  I really do love nendos and that is one part of this hobby I don’t want to let up on collecting ever.

figure boxes Moving on I just wanted to also show with my figure boxes the very cute mini towels I got with my last order.  They are easily the cutest mini towels on earth.

lacus clyneI got this Lacus Clyne figure way back in January but never mentioned it before so why not now.  I have always been in love with this outfit so I was excited to see such a beautiful figure for Lacus Clyne in this outfit.  Although she isn’t a favorite character of mine I love the beauty of the figure.

mikonoYeah I got a Mikono figure, haters gonna hate.

sena and mikiDon’t judge me!  Swimsuits are cute too and Miki and Sena are among the most beautiful anime characters out there so why not.

Vox auraFinally I got my first mecha this year, the Vox Aura.  Although it was pretty cheap I like it a lot.  Hopefully I will be able to get some more mecha in the future like a Gundam or a VF-25 with some Ranka decals.  However, I feel mecha models are harder to shop for and know what is best for what I want.  Also many seem to require some talent to put together to look nice.  I am horrible at such things so I’ve avoided those but I would like to still try at some point.

Anyways as you can see my figure buying is still out of control.  I really need someone to cut me off before I am in wall to wall figures.