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macross 30

Last time I wrote on the Macross 30th anniversary was back in last July which was mostly on desires and speculation.  But since then the plans for the projects on this anniversary have become more clear.  So now that most everything outside of one recently announced event have currently occurred I figured why not give my thoughts on everything that has happen so far.

First off while I talked before on how I predicted they would try to tie in Macross F popularity to their projects I am actually amazed about what they have done.  I mean I expected may a little bit but what they have given us is way more than what I expected to a point that I have gone from happiness to also disappointment.  Mostly though it’s because I feel rather than giving us fans some service I feel it’s become far beyond that to the point they are just trying to get our money rather than give us great content.  I will have more on this subject as this post continues on and discuss each event in detail.

Macross the Musicalture

So if you haven’t heard this is basically a musical they did set in the Macross universe a while after Macross F in the timeline, it wasn’t all that big in the end and used a lot of old music but in a new story.  This event pretty much sets the tone for everything so far in this anniversary.  Not all that big, plenty of usage of older stuff with some new story but not to the point where it was all that impressive.

It was a cool idea and one I think would’ve been hard to make work great so I applaud them for trying it but I personally would’ve liked something that more people could have enjoyed as well as a format that could have brought this story to life better.

Macross FB7


I’m going to have more to say on this once I see it, for now I will just talk a little off of what I’ve read.  It seems there is very little new content in this movie and more a recap of Macross 7.  I find this very disappointing but it fits with the theme of the 30th anniversary of a lot of stuff but little meaningful content along with old character pandering.

Macross 30: The Voice that Connects the Galaxy

obligatory picture for the Ranka x Alto fans

obligatory picture for the Ranka x Alto fans

Moving on to what I thought was the main event for this anniversary is the very recently released Macross game for the ps3.  I finished watching the play through of it recently and must say I have mixed reactions on it.  The promos for this game looked amazing and the music was pretty good too.  I had a lot of high expectations for it.  Sadly it seems the promo had most of the good stuff in it.

What I really expected or hoped was a game that was closer to an anime fused with an action game and while this wasn’t horribly far off the promos made it looked like there was a lot of animation in it but there really wasn’t.  The story itself seems decent enough but you need to use your imagination.  What was nice is most everything is voiced acted which considering the cast is pretty cool.

For the mecha fan this game should be really fun as the game play is pretty nice and you can play as all your favorites from past Macross.  Still this lacked the punch for me that I would’ve gotten from an anime and felt more like a drama cd with some animation.  And as noted with everything else this used all the old characters with the more popular ones getting more lines mixed in with new characters and stories.

Miscellaneous events and products


There have been many other smaller events to go along with these bigger ones as well, here are some mentions.  There have been a number of events from art exhibits featuring previous series to New Years festivals and  even a Ferris Wheel themed event.  They created life-size statues of Ranka, Sheryl and Minmay for one such event which is to me the highlight of all of them.  Mostly all of these have not much to report other than they happened and while somewhat cool it doesn’t leave much of an impression on me.

One anime related broadcast worth mentioning is the Sheryl seminars that had been airing weekly.  It was mostly for bringing newer fans up to speed with some of the older stuff.  I actually wonder what the point of this was if they are just going to keep over using Sheryl on every single thing.  Such fans won’t ever care if you don’t move on to other stuff.

On the product front they have been releasing all the older Macross series on Blu-Ray as well as introducing more figures for the 30th anniversary most notably at the latest wonderfest where they showed off a Sheryl figure and nendoroid and some others.  Not really all that related but they have a Sheryl jewelry line now too.  Not much to say on all this stuff without sounding like a broken record.

Upcoming events

macross cross over live

Finally there is one more event coming up at the time of this writing which is a crossover concert due out in the summer featuring all the idols from Macross.  Seems to be somewhat promising but not really all that different a theme from everything else so far.

So in summary it’s been a pretty packed for Macross since 2012 with events and products being released almost monthly.  However as I’ve alluded to I am at this point rather sad there has not be any mention of a new anime or anything big.  While they have introduced us to new characters and possible stories that would make for a good anime without some kind of great project to back them I feel disappointed and left feeling a little empty about it all at this time.

What I find annoying though about everything is it appears they are trying to give us fans something like a thanks but it’s really coming off more as an attempt to earn more money.  The reason is almost everything here is focused in on Sheryl (who sells best) more than every other character in one way or another even if I didn’t mention it.  I understand why you would want to do this to a point but this has gone a little more than overboard in my opinion.  It just reminds me they are doing this for the money not for the fans because they wouldn’t focus like this otherwise.

In addition this has made me feel is very tired of Sheryl.  No not angry or anything that negative just basically I am tired of seeing her everywhere and do not wish to see her face on every single Macross product like she has been so far.  There are plenty of other good characters that people like in Macross history that deserve some spotlight of their own.  Anyways this has more or less made me lose some interest in Macross.  Hopefully the crossover live and anything else to come will show a little more variety and a little less bias.

I also think that this is bad for growing your product.  While it makes more money now it can back fire later on you.  Especially when said character does not have a giant impact on the lore of your universe and is rather limited to one series (or should be given history).  Hopefully they will realize you can’t just ride this money train forever if you really want Macross to grow.  Yes I’m happy to see more Ranka as well in most of these projects and will continue to be if she gets more in the future.   But I also think it’s time to move on Macross and focus on creating some new content.