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Today Yoko Kanno turns 49 years old.  I consider her to be one of the best anime composers in history.  She is also the one who created the music for Macross Frontier and Ranka but I have loved her work since I first picked up anime back with Cowboy Bebop and Escaflowne.  Cowboy Bebop’s OST is the best OST in anime in my opinion too.  In fact a lot of my favorite OSTs are made by Yoko Kanno.

So being how highly I think of her and this being her birthday I thought why not show tribute by giving 10 of my favorite Yoko Kanno compositions.  This was incredibly hard to decide on to the point I almost expanded it to 20.  These are not ranked, I don’t even want to try it, that is so impossible for me to do with her music.  I could make a case for every single one of these to be number one of my list so they are all good.  I realized on this list I have a big preference to her slower songs but I just think Yoko Kanno excels more at such songs.  Now on with the list.

Wolf’s Rain – Strangers

This was probably one of the lesser known songs from Wolf’s Rain but has always been a personal favorite of mine.

Cowboy Bebop – Blue (video has spoilers)

It’s so hard to pick just two songs from Cowboy Bebop so keep in mind there are a lot more just as good as this but these two stand out to me the most.

Cowboy Bebop – Call Me Call Me

You know what make’s the Cowboy Bebop OST so good is not just quality music but music that fits so well with the anime.  I’ve really never seen any other anime do this nearly as well.

Macross Plus – Voices

Escaflowne – Yubiwa

Escaflowne – Dance of Curse

I really liked the Escaflowne movie soundtrack it really had this grand feeling to the music but the TV series soundtrack was great too.

Sousei no Aquarion – Sousei no Aquarion Onii-sama to

Aquarion has such a different feel to it’s music than many of Yoko Kanno’s other works but it really works well for the series.

Macross Frontier – Hoshi kira

I liked this song a lot more before I saw the movie but even still it’s really lovely if I can just ignore the rest of what is surrounding it.

Macross Frontier – Aimo

I liked this song a lot more once I realized what the meaning behind the song was about.  It’s lovely and the only down part is they probably overused it a bit too much when there was other great music to be used.

Macross Frontier – Anata no Oto

Speaking of which this one was not even used until late in the series and this would be my sentimental pick for number one.