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helloSo it’s been five years now since the deculture edition of Macross Frontier was released and I watched it on Christmas day.  I remember thinking it was a great first episode and I wondered when the next one would come out.  It was annoying that it wasn’t until the spring season it aired, I lost almost all of my anticipation by the time it was out.  It’s funny I would’ve never thought at the time that 5 years later Ranka would be my one and only waifu with everything I had gone though or that I’d have a blog dedicated for her and almost 25 figures of hers.

Besides seeing Ranka for the first time on Christmas day there are a number of other important events related between Ranka and I and Christmas (I’ll spare getting into them for you) so I wanted to do something for today.  So since my outfits posts have been popular I have decided to do the best outfits for Ranka in 2012.  I know some of these I’ve already talked about before but this time I am ranking them since we’ve now got all her outfits for 2012.

I actually was surprised we even got 12 new outfits considering the show is over but it is the 30th anniversary and I imagine this won’t happen again next year.  I put up the best scans I could find for all of them but many I just couldn’t find decent scans for.  I suppose it’s to be expected at this point when everyone is moving on to other things.  Well on with the list and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

12. Promo outfit for Macross FB7

ranka fb7I was not all that excited about this outfit, it seems more like something Sheryl would wear.  I suppose it’s good to have a little change in that regard.  I think if I had seen it drawn in another pose or place perhaps I could like it better though.

11. Military Uniform Ranka

mu ranka130259490_org.v1334215624The first of the few I had already mentioned before.  Nothing new to report about it, pretty cute but not all that fancy.

10. Swimsuit Ranka

swimsuit rankaYes it’s just a swimsuit but I don’t’ care she is cute enough in it to warrant getting it on my list at number 10.

9. Macross FB7 outfit

596130ranka fb7 1I believe she wears this during the concert in FB7 movie.  It’s not all that fancy but still pretty cute and I love the boots.  It fits Ranka well.  Sheryl’s outfit I am disappointed in, it seems way too obvious they are trying to sell her body for FB7 again, oh well.

8. Mylene Ranka

ranka and myleneTo be fair this really isn’t a new outfit for Ranka since it’s basically Mylene’s outfit.  I liked Mylene’s outfit though so I am fine with putting it on my list.  Now why Ranka got paired up with Mylene here I do have issues with but that is for another story.

7. Santa Ranka

santa rankasanta ranka 1Brand new outfit that just became known within the last few weeks with the latest trading card set release.  So new the only scans I have are of the card in fact.  I think Ranka makes a great Santa don’t you?

6. Stylish Ranka

080all_bg_02aAgain a not newly introduced outfit from me, I really wished there had been more use of this outfit in the last half of the year.

5. Evening Dress Ranka

celebration RankaLike Santa Ranka this is very new, I think I first saw it last month or early this month.  Great dress and fits Ranka perfectly, ❤ back to you Ranka.

4. Marching Band Ranka

043052573342They seem to be using this outfit in the new Macross game and they couldn’t have picked a much better outfit to use.  I hope we get to see a lot of Ranka in this in the new game.

3. Formal Dress Ranka

128848205_org.v1333579616Further proof Ranka can look good in almost anything.  I haven’t seen any new images of this at all since I blogged about it last time unfortunately but Ranka still looks great in it.

2. Macross Ride Ranka

660516980Made for some kind of a ferris wheel ride that was Macross themed Ranka looks utterly adorable here.  Sheryl looks great too, proof you don’t need to show off her body every single time for Sheryl to look great.

1. Nurse Ranka

nurse ranka 2nurse ranka 1nurse ranka 3nurse ranka 4nurses~Probably no surprise she is number one if you know anything about me, I’ve been crazy about her nurse outfit ever since I saw it.  What can I say she just looks great in it.  Orange and white we know are colors she looks great in from her most famous outfit.  I love the wings she has as well both on her back and in front (on the figure anyways).