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So you know the deal more figures and more pictures (and less of my money).  This will likely be the last blog post I make on figures for a long time.  I can’t see me doing another order until well into 2013.  If I do it likely won’t have Macross F stuff because I because have everything I really want right now.

This was my mixed order, I was trying to get as many small things I was missing at once here.  I managed to get all the items that are still common so at this point the only things missing are very hard to come by now.  Even those I can count on one hand and are small figures.  I did want a xmas Sheryl to go with my xmas Ranka (but my xmas Ranka is my least favorite figures so I am fine not having a Sheryl) and at some point I’d like to get the winged Ranka and Sheryl of my previous order but only if they get cheap enough.  Overall I am happy even if I don’t have every single thing.

So this was my first Sheryl figure I’ve bought that wasn’t for another reason.  I basically wanted to complete this set because this is the best I can do to recreate the good end. ^_^

The view from how Alto saw it, the lucky jerk…

I wanted to make them hug like they do when they first see each other but instead here they are waving and running towards each other.  Now I can pretend this is the canon end (who knows maybe it really is).

Re-enacting the part where Alto reaches out his hand for Ranka. lol  Ok so this isn’t nearly as good as I had hoped.  I can’t do much without a camera stand and having to hold the camera in one hand while reaching with the other.

So I really do have an army of chibi styled Rankas now.  As you can see I bought another white dressed one just because the head fits the wedding dress chibi so well.  I can now put the other one back onto her original figure on the far right.  Sheryl sadly doesn’t seem to like having the white dress on as her head looks like it’s about to fall over.  I feel like making a joke about here related to Sheryl and love triangles and falling but I’ll resist.  I finally got a nyannyan waitress dress but for some reason it was pink.  I don’t know if that makes it special or not.

I’m not sure why these were so hard to find, I had to buy the set because even after 2 months it’s hard to find Ranka alone.  I almost bought her off ebay but the price on ebay was only about $10-15 less than this entire set.  They really are tiny but still very cute.  I can’t say the Sheryl or Minmay does much for me.  I am not a Minmay fan but it’s still a cute figure.

Two problems though, one when looking at them normally it’s hard to see Ranka’s face when looking at her from my normal angle like the picture shows above.  It’s rather annoying.  Second, with Ranka having only one foot on the ground she is not very stable, she wants to fall forward.  With such a tiny foot it’s really easy and the thing in the back does nothing for this.   I wish they had used a peg that is inserted to her back like they did with Sheryl here, I don’t get why they didn’t other than putting more effort into Sheryl (like usual :/).

You know a lot of my Ranka figures have her on one leg and it makes for some serious stability or balancing issues.  While the pose is not bad it’s overused as a way to get her the energetic cute look that Ranka deserves.

So on to the reason I ordered all this stuff, nurse Ranka.  Since she was in a set with Sheryl I have a nurse Sheryl too.  I can’t say I feel much for the nurse Sheryl but at least she isn’t as bad as I thought she’d be.  I almost want to sell her but I wont.

So I have to say nurse Ranka is insanely cute.  That outfit fit’s Ranka perfectly and works well without needing to be too fancy.  The only thing I miss is the large needle in her image shot, she is too cute holding that.  I am still not sure what this thing sticking out the back is but you can remove it if you don’t like it.  The best part though is those little wings, very Card Captor Sakura in style and looks great.  Overall for 800 yen it’s a great figure.

Hopefully there will be more Ranka figures in the future made that I can buy and review (or I break down and buy some more of the ones I don’t have) but for now I have no plans to buy more for another 5 months at least.