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Continuing on from my best moments in anime post here are my best moments for Ranka Lee and in Macross Frontier in general.  Since this is dealing with a single anime there are not as many scene’s to consider from and the list should be less random although my number one Ranka moment will probably surprise you.  Like before I weighted some of these moments on personal feelings but I feel this time I am more justifiable and thus able to rank these.

I formatted this into Ranka’s ten best moments and then the five best moments in Macross Frontier that were not exactly about Ranka as much but were great as well.  I tried to leave out most of the moments that dealt with the love triangle, for example I was very tempted to add in the scene between Alto and Ranka in the airplane in episode 12 and between them in episode 13 but I didn’t.  But it is impossible to have a true 10 top list for Ranka without a few of them and I still managed to rant about the love triangle so for the record I really did try.

Due to some comments in older posts and just what I see on the internet in general I feel I need to add this disclaimer: I’m not getting into arguments with meanings behind any of this with shippers or people who feel their interpretation of the show is threaten because of what I think so please don’t waste your time.

I imagine mostly Ranka fans or people who don’t really care are reading this though so likely wont be an issue.  Now on with my top moments.

Ranka Lee’s best moments

10. Macross F Itsuwari no Utahime: Ranka turns herself into bait

Considering at this point Ranka was not a star yet and was still simply just a normal girl with aspiring goals being able to recognize the Vajra were after her and do something as selfless as this should not be undervalued.  Sure if you’re in the military or whatnot doing such a sacrificial act when lives that are not directly in front of you are on the line would be less impressive but Ranka was not.

In ways I find it actually too incredible and more just appeasing people wishing her to be another Mary Sue, I would’ve preferred it be more realistic.  Just another scene in a long line of scenes in the movies built this way.  But overall that doesn’t completely take away from the moment and it’s still worth being on my list at number ten.

9. Macross F Sayonara no Tsubasa: Ranka’s confession

This is not exactly a scene I enjoyed and lets face it among most other scenes regarding the love triangle in the movie it was filled with issues and just wasn’t all that impressive.  For one it just felt like horrible timing with Sheryl’s fake death having just happen but the fake death alone was so unbelievable and this felt forced just to get the sequence of events Kawamori wanted.  One note, people who complain about Ranka confessing after Sheryl “died” need to remember what Sheryl tried to do in the TV series after Ranka left in episode 21.  It’s pretty obvious this is meant to be the same thing just poorly thought out and with less time allowed to focus on it.  Plus Ranka is just not the type of girl to try to seduce Alto.

However, this confession took major guts especially when she likely knew how Alto felt.  I dare say it was the strongest act anyone did in all of Macross F, at the very least no one else confessed like this without knowing the others feelings first.  It also is according to Kawamori the reason you shouldn’t feel sorry for Ranka at the end is because she was able to express her feelings in this scene.  I am a bit skeptical about this idea or at least I feel it failed to come across but nonetheless it was supposedly very important to Ranka’s growth according to Kawamori so I will put it on my list for these reasons.

8. Macross F episode 1: Ranka does the Nyan Nyan dance.

It’s the most popular meme in Macross having millions of views on youtube and going well beyond the reach of the Macross community.  While not exactly something that showed Ranka’s greatness it is incredibly cute and was our introduction to the moeness to come from Ranka.  For it’s fame and cuteness it gets the number eight spot.

7. Macross F Nyankuri: Anato no Oto

Ok it’s not something you could probably even call canon and it’s not meaningful in any way and the only thing on my list that is not apart of the TV series or movie I love this music clip to death.  I think it encapsulates a lot of what we love about Ranka.

6. Macross F Sayonara no Tsubasa: Niji Iro Kuma Kuma concert

The movie version of her first live concert.  It was amazing both visually, musically and just so cute.  The best moment from the Macross movies easily.  Everything else tried too hard in many ways, this was just perfect.  I wish I could rate this higher but this list is just to packed from here on to get it any higher without more meaning historically or to Ranka behind it.

5. Macross F episode 05: Ranka sings at Formo

I think it’s very rare when a song becomes so much more important to another character they make it their own.  While ‘What Bout My Star’ is officially a Sheryl Nome song it will forever be Ranka’s song to any Ranka fan because of this scene.  I must say there are not a lot of people who could do what Ranka did here and considering her lack of confidence it showed a lot what Alto’s support meant to her.  Although in the movies the paper airplane she saw faded into nothing so I wonder if she really did it more on her own there.

4. Macross F episode 25: Ranka slaps and then cures Sheryl

Sadly I’ve seen far too many people miss the point on this scene simply getting mad because Sheryl got slapped by Ranka.  This scene was not about Ranka asserting herself over Sheryl, slapping a sick person was not an issue either this is just an excuse for immature Sheryl fans and nor was it about some kind of pay back for episode 20.  There was no pay back needed Sheryl did it for Ranka’s sake as much as Ranka did it for Sheryl here.

What this scene was about was Ranka showing her growth and returning her feelings Sheryl albeit in a very strange way that you’d probably not get if you were one of those people taking a Ranka/Sheryl side.  Think about it, would Ranka have ever be able to muster the courage or self-confidence to slap someone like Sheryl when she needed it even just 6 episodes ago.  This was showing Ranka was no longer the little girl she was she was now someone who had grown to catch up with Sheryl.  Plus she was able to reach beyond her own problems with them settled in her mind and help Sheryl get back on her feet when she was lost and feeling alone.

In addition if you add-on her saving Sheryl right afterwards, the you are my wings bit and Ranka’s song saving the day before this basically this was just a great payoff for a string of episodes mired in darkness and despair.  Granted it could’ve been better in a few ways but to me it made the show fun again and that is what is most important.  I also admit this scene makes me giddy every time because I think about all the Ranka haters and critics getting mad here, Ranka is basically just slapping them to me and those people deserve it.

3. Macross F episode 3: Ranka sings to Alto in the park

If Sheryl had not been a love rival to Ranka in Macross F this might have been considered one of the best scenes in Macross history and yet it’s still only number three on my list!  Sadly the meaning behind this scene will likely be forever lost for all but a rare few.  Why do I consider this such a great scene?  For one this is where Alto decides to fight to protect Ranka and she becomes his wings but also Alto becomes a pillar for Ranka to follow her dreams.  It’s really understated how important each other are to achieving their dreams here.

Not only that but Ranka is singing Aimo to Alto when he decides to protect her, the song that is the Vajra’s love song sung once every thousand years.  It’s not even obvious how important this is and the meaning behind it until you see it again and understand.  If this is not a perfect setup in the spirit of Macross for two people to fall in love I don’t know what is.

Pretty much after this point it was just a matter of the two realizing it, those who think the love triangle was a battle for the entire show need to pay attention to Alto closer.  But since Alto never officially chose anyone in the TV series such meanings can easily be altered for anyone who desires it.  It’s not me shipping things here it is just the correct logical analysis, sorry shippers.  Honestly I think everyone would’ve agreed about the meaning of this scene if Sheryl had not been a love rival.

2. Macross F episode 12: Seikan Hikou

This was her first real song and her first time on stage but not only that it created a meme and the most iconic symbol of Macross Frontier if not in all of Macross.  That is really saying something if you think about it.  What else out there compares to the Kira in Macross history?  The only thing more iconic in Macross history could possibly be Minmay’s Do You Remember Love? scene but that is not the same thing here.  Also Ranka did it while saving Alto and giving him a present he loved and it had that silliness to it that wasn’t overboard but still created a fun factor.

1. Macross F episode 10: Ranka becomes a star

It is for these moments where the best characters do not come already at the top of their game.  That moment when you make it big, when your work paid off is truly priceless.  Sure you can claim Sheryl has everything and what not but you simply can’t create that moment like this with a Sheryl type character.  It’s something I feel sets apart fans who love their character from fans who simply consume their characters.  Keep in mind I am not dumping on Sheryl here just this is one example that exemplifies the difference between lovable characters and likable characters to me.  It’s like becoming a fan of a nba player because he is good at basketball versus becoming a fan of a person who plays basketball.  While this may not go down in Macross history it is the most important one to me.  I just wished there was something as good as this during the climaxes of either Macross F editions.

Best moments in Macross Frontier

5. Macross F episode 7: battle against the Vajra

Simple put one of my favorite action sequence in Macross F.  What more do you need to get on my list?

4. Macross F Itsuwari no Utahima: Sheryl’s concert

My favorite Sheryl song and a pretty cool concert.  That’s about all I have to say about it!

3. Macross F episode 15: Ranka and Sheryl duet What bout My Star

While this was a great moment it is a conflicting moment to me.  On the positive side this was pretty cool how they just randomly broke out into song and did the little back and forth.  It will likely be remembered as a top scene in Macross Frontier in the history books.

However, I feel it didn’t flow with how the love triangle really played out and it gave people this false sense on how the love triangle was to be won or perhaps gave them a taste of things that did not exist otherwise.  It really gave the impression the love triangle was a back and forth battle to decide who will win Alto’s heart.  So obviously this would favor Sheryl a ton more as Ranka is not aggressive.

I feel this laid the foundation for the idea that Sheryl won after the TV series ended considering how such impressions would carry over with the events for the remainder of the series.  I think historically aggressiveness in a love triangle is usually because your losing though depending on the dynamic, funny how that worked out.  Also the idea that the girls have to battle over him to win his heart is complete otaku pandering, I am glad this is not really how it played out at all.

Now if you actually pay attention Alto’s heart is never indecisive he is really just clueless and sometimes he lies to himself.  He pretty much had a love from the start it just took him all series to figure it out because he was as immature and inexperienced in such things just as Ranka and even Sheryl to an extent were.

2. Macross F episode 23: Alto’s dialog at the end

The only time in the entire series where he actually was able to express his inner feelings (and it was about Ranka).  This guy really is one hard person to read, you have to watch all his subtleties to really get him.  Even in this scene where he is speaking his mind though it seems it’s been left far too open to interpretation.  I will just say that I feel as someone who approved of Alto with Ranka after the end of the TV series the last time I watched it this was a great scene.  One where the meaning only becomes undeniable once you watch what he does afterwards and factor in everything up to this point and I’ll just leave it at that.

1. Macross F episode 25: Battle to the end against Grace

The way the music was combined with the action here was just amazing.  Easily my favorite action sequence in all of Macross.  One of the most notable things I remember about watching this series was wishing more episodes had been like this.  The movies tried to duplicate it but never really was the same.  As I’ve said before just a perfect way to end it for me even if we are left wondering who Alto was going to pick but even that was not needed (nor was  it in the movies).