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I was very busy this month more than doubling the size of my Ranka collection.  Although it was mostly chibi sized figures so I am not sure if that really counts.  Anyways the figure I’ve long been waiting for finally was released (middle one) and with this month I feel I have mostly bought all the Ranka figures I will buy.

What is left is nurse Ranka due out at the end of October and another next year that will be a  crossover of some type.  I want a few smaller ones if I could find in stock somewhere but that is unlikely at this point.  I imagine there could be a few more ichiban kuji lotteries in the future with Ranka in it with the FB7 movie and 30th game but none listed for now.

She is definitely the most beautiful Ranka I own and fitting for the best outfit in the history of anime.

I was worried that the color of her back piece thing (whatever this is called) would not look good.  Thankfully even if orangish-red color seems like a weird choice it still looks great but I still prefer the pink coloring in the figuarts zero Ranka figure.  The early art work of this figure had the color closer to pink as well and looked amazing but the final product doesn’t seem to be the same sadly.  Also it weighs more than the figure itself, this thing requires its own stand and I love it!

Probably the first figure I really am considering buying the other color variant of.  It also has a wing which is cool however I am hurting on space to keep my figures at the moment and the winged version is 2x the price of this one so I am holding off until later.

Funny enough you can cast off this, I had no idea since I saw zero pictures of that before hand and usually someone does it.

Here are all my different variants of the outfit in figure form.  I even let Sheryl get in on it.  The figuarts zero Ranka really looks underwhelming next to the Banpesto Ranka but it’s still a decent figure.

Here is the chibi figure I got from the same lottery as the Ranka.  I was a bit worried about owning figures that remind me of the awful end to the movie but so far I guess it’s okay.  It’ll soon be one year since I saw the movie and I don’t know how I am going to feel as the anniversary date approaches, so many mixed memories.

Amazing that this chibi looks better with her head on my wedding dress chibi, almost like it was planned all along. >:D  I really regret not trying to get a second one now as I love both of them.  My current wedding dress version has a horrible weight shifting right problem that may break it one day so I might have to use this one for good.

Here are the two of them together, definitely excellent purchases.  If you love Ranka I would recommend them on the top of your list.

Also got a key chain just for the record she is the cutest key chain EVER.

I didn’t take any pics of the other figures besides at the top but I do love the nyannyan waitress Ranka.  She is so well sculpted, likely the best sculpted Ranka of them all.  Her thighs are giant and twice the size of some of my other Ranka.  All the others are cute as well but nothing new and all were pretty cheap.

All my Ranka figures and art books together.  I said I was going to get an army of Ranka!  I just can’t believe I have so much Ranka, this much moeness could be lethal I need to be careful.

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