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Everyone has that those moments in anime that just make a show for you.  Sometimes it can just turn around an entire show for you or other times turn it into an instant favorite.  As such here are my top moments in all of anime.  There are many other great moments I didn’t include but these stand out from the rest to me. 

On a brief side note I did not include any Ranka Lee moments on this list because I plan to create a separate list for her alone.  If she were to be on this list this list would be mostly Ranka.  I also didn’t include any comedy this time around, maybe in a future post I will do a comedy moments but I find it incredibly hard to pick my favorite funny moments from the rest.

I didn’t rank these because it was just impossible to do so but I do have a preference for the moments at the top of my list over the lower half.  I don’t think I have to say it but will anyways that this is personal opinion, an unbiased top list would be an incredibly difficult and monumental challenge that would need to take the feedback of many anime scholars. lol  Obviously there are major spoilers in all these, check the tags for which anime is on the list if you are very cautious about such things and read carefully.

End of Evangelion: Asuka’s battle

This is still after all these years one of the coolest fight scenes in anime.  I think it was also the only scene that really showed the fighting potential of the Eva units and sadly we never got to see any more of it.  Hopefully the upcoming movie 3.0 will have something that can equal this.

Gurren Lagann: Simon’s birth of a hero

I eat up this kind of stuff for breakfast.  There were so many get moments in Gurren Lagann but I am only putting down my absolute favorite from Gurren Lagann here.  This is the essence of what I always talk about making a great hero is over-coming adversity and he did it with the style that Gurren Lagann excelled at.

Clannad After Story: Ushio’s best moment

If you’ve ever seen Clannad I don’t think I have to explain much about this one.  Just beautiful, the pay off for your investment into this show was tremendous.

Aria the Origination: end of Aria

Amazing moment from the show that does “self-healing” like no other.  It was hard to pick just one moment from this show but this is my favorite.

Haibane Renmei: Reki’s salvation

Considering I feel like Reki my twin soul the part where she faces her demons and triumphs would be a no brainer as one of my favorites.  I apologize for the video, it’s the best I could find, but if you go to about 16:40 you will see it.

K-On!: Azusa’s song

(I couldn’t find this scene so here is Azusa being cute instead)

There were a lot of cute and funny moments in K-On! but my favorite would have to be at the end when they created a song for Azusa and played it for her.  So great they based the entire movie around it.

Cowboy Bebop: the end

What a bittersweet ending.  This is the kind of ending I don’t see enough of outside of anime.  The music was just prefect here much like in the rest of the anime.

Gundam 0080: final battle

I used to be a Gundam fanboy so I have a lot of great moments in the show but this was always my favorite.  It was very sad but so well done.  I saw this early on in my anime career and it’s something that’s always stuck out in my head when thinking back on my anime viewing life.  Note: The background music in the video is from Wolf’s Rain.  I guess the person liked it better and I somewhat agree.

Idolmaster: Chihaya finds her voice

I’ve already talked about Chihaya before on my top idol’s post but here is the same scene again because I love it.  It is one of the best idol moments in anime and I do love my idol’s.  I almost put Minmay’s Do You Remember Love scene in but I like this one better personally.