So this is partly just an excuse to use the image I drew above but meh it’s my blog.  Although I honestly never expected anyone to read this blog and I suppose it’s really google search and a lack of content Macross F related out there that even gets me any views.  Either way this post is probably too much self-centered celebration but I can’t help it because I do love stats.  A nice big number like 10k is something to celebrate to me but more importantly I doubt I would still be doing this right now if no one was reading what I write so thanks!

yeah you can see I didn’t think I would ever get many visitors after the first two months.

I suppose looking into the future I don’t have much planned for this blog.  I have about 5 or 6 posts I want to get around to doing before year’s end such as my list of my top anime 2012 edition.  I also upon reflection realize I’ve probably focused too heavily on Ranka related content over the past few months.  Furthermore, I also have developed too bitter a tone lately because of somethings so I hope to fix this and get some inspiration to branch out a little.

This is a bit off the number but here have a little extra something for reading this.