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So I finally got around to watching Do You Remember Love? a movie I have been meaning to watch since last December.  However I must admit like this article this was 50% about Macross F and Ranka.  There were all the references from Macross F in this series as well seeing for myself how many of the theories I’ve heard about Ranka and love triangles stacked up.  I wanted to see how my own theory on how Kawamori does love stories fared in this movie.  However, I also wanted to see if the movie itself would live up to the hype that Macross fanboys have given it so here are my thoughts on the movie.

Before I get into the movie there is one thing I found very refreshing about watching a movie like this and perhaps it’s because of the references that Macross F have that makes it so noticeable.  It’s the levels of pandering for lack of a better term, you could go with creating content off of fans desires if you wish to put it a nicer way. It’s not a new concept and I’m sure you may already know this but it is very obvious when comparing the two series.

Thinking about it there are really two main differences in the times that have caused such a change in the way anime is created, technology more specifically the internet and economics.  We all know anime is currently not in great shape economically so the ability to create stores out of love are much more rare today than ones for money.  It’s a sad fact that I realize in my research not even Kawamori can escape from in Macross now.

But what makes it worst is currently anyone can give instant easily accessible feedback on any anime through the internet which makes for easy and fast research on the creators part on what sells and what doesn’t.  So basically it is easier than ever to pander to the audience and create stories that sell well but pushes aside the thing that probably attracted me to anime originally more than anything which was the love of creation.

Macross F is just is a prime example of this because they didn’t just create a story for us they gave us bits and pieces of it like with the deculture edition while raising more money and redefining the series more towards the fans desires every step of the way even past the movies.  It’s not much different from how video games today are patched and given DLC to appease fans.  I suppose this is what frustrates me the most about Macross F, even if it had been a failtastic story I would have preferred one story without fan input factored into it told from start to finish in the anime and have the movies based around it.

This much is obvious in DYRL regardless how good of a movie it is I see more love of creating anime in it which makes me remember why I liked anime in the first place.  Honestly though it can’t be helped and I still think anime is great today and there is no going back to how it use to be but I suppose I can still remember that love of anime if nothing else.  Now back to the movie.

I must say the love triangle in this movie was rather pathetic.  So basically you had 30 minutes of Hikaru appearing to be in love with Minmay and then he gets stuck with Misa alone for a while and he suddenly forgets all that and is deeply in love with Misa.  I am not sure if this is better or worst than Alto, on the one hand at least he is decisive and doesn’t wait until the very last moment to say something.  On the other I feel like Hikaru only chose Misa out of the sheer luck of being stuck alone with her.  Well I suppose it’s still better than a 3 minute encounter when your 8 years old deciding who you love (which of course Alto had forgotten about but still was important for some reason).

As I mentioned before I also have seen a trend of how Kawamori develops his love stories using certain themes in most all of them.  It’s something to explain I’d need a post of it’s own to go into but I didn’t really expect much here and I wasn’t given much.  I believe the problem with a movie like this is your really limited in what you can do and a good comparision is Escaflowne which while it had all his themes he uses in it in the TV series the movies did not have them as much.

The one interesting thing though is it seems Minmay actually realizes her feelings for Hikaru while they are separated which probably is just a coincidence but still interesting non the less.  Usually it’s the main character who realizes it not a person in the love triangle although I might be wrong about Minmay on this.

This looks like something out of a 50’s movie with people trying to write lyrics to a song.  It was funny how stuck they were on writing lyrics to a song even the girls of K-On! have less trouble than them.

Nice model planes…I think the biggest let down of this movie is the characters.  I just found them all dull to death.  They lacked any interesting personality nor development.  Hikaru was generic, even more than Alto, I really don’t think Minmay fans have much to despair over losing him.  At least though Alto had a sky theme going for him.  Minmay was slightly interesting but lacked development and really had no depth to her.  I really don’t see how anyone can say Sheryl is movie Minmay there is nothing similar to them outside of references.  Misa at least had a little tsundere side to her but she wasn’t developed much outside the part where they are stuck on earth.

As for theories of how Macross F was based on SDF Macross I didn’t really see it.  Perhaps the TV series has more but if you were to ask me to relate anything I’d say Misa’s role and events were most similar to Ranka with the being stuck on a planet with doki doki time in the middle and Sheryl closer to Minmay with the date at the start and final battle.  I highly doubt there is anything here though.  I think Kawamori definitely had different ideas and themes going on in Macross F and events used from this show were just references for the fans.

The scene pictured above I felt was the only scene that I felt you could make a convincing case of having a meaningful link.  It was like the pre-final battle scenes from Macross F with a slightly different setup.  It still revolved around the character coming to terms with unrequited love (but very straight forward) and ending with the decision to sing for the good of everyone over personal feelings.  Honestly I think the way people have popularized as taking this scene in the TV series (and I blame screenwriter Yoshino) is pure fiction without a doubt.

I wonder if I am just seeing things or if this was suppose to be a reference.  Anyways, the climax of the movie was definitely the best part and it was just epic.  Nice to see the roots of where singing during epic battles come from which gave us many nice moments in future Macross series.  Even if the rest of the movie was fairly ho-hum this part made it all worth while.  I also must say the music was pretty good in this movie, I think I’ve heard it all before but it I enjoyed it more here anyways.

“It’s a Sony.” – Nagi

I apologize this is completely off topic but this is my ranting section.  I’m not ranting because of what happen in the movie but the realization that Ranka is the most screwed over character in the history of Macross (in a leading role) and I feel like this is tied in more to the pandering I mentioned before.  I’ve been thinking this whole time that Minmay had it worst than Ranka but it turns out she really didn’t.

First the love triangle ended fairly early on allowing for Minmay to deal with it all and recover so she could end the movie with a smile as well as reconcile her relationship with Hikaru.  She ends on a pretty upbeat note really and doesn’t lose anyone at the end either like Ranka did in the movies.  It is a rather hopeful and positive ending one where you feel like the character is moving forward to a better tomorrow.  You also didn’t have 4 years of setup and a climax biased entirely around the question of the love triangle with Ranka singing all these songs of love.

Ranka on the other hand was pretty much pushed aside for a more popular character and to the end all it was about “what about Sheryl and Alto?”  The only way we ever even knew for sure she was ok was from an interview later on and I’m not even sure it wasn’t just damage control.  What I needed most at the end of Sayonara no Tsubasa was a smile like this from Ranka showing that inner strength and that things were moving forward.  Instead I think they were too busy trying to make an impact to realize maybe they were screwing over a lot of people who loved this franchise.  If more people cared it would’ve been much different.  I could go on about more but I will just stick with my main point.

The one thing I would have liked to see put in this movie is more interaction between Minmay and Misa.  I am not sure the two ever had a conversation between each other.  Ranka and Sheryl had the best moments in the movies so I imagine these two could have done something similar if allowed too.  It could possibly have been a cat fight as well but that would have still been interesting.

Overall I don’t think the movie is quite on the level that the diehard Macross fans rate it at but it was fairly entertaining for some of it.  I would be tempted to re-watch the TV series again but I am not sure it’s worth it to spend the time on that.  I give the movie a 7 out of 10 and it’s a must watch if you like Macross but if you don’t I wouldn’t bother but it’s still a better ending than Sayonara no Tsubasa. lol