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It’s that time again, more Ranka loot.  Nothing newly released this time, a couple of figures I’ve had my eye on for a while and three Macross F books.

This order was more of a gamble than normal with the 3 books.  I had no clue what was in two of them really and also there was a cheap figure I wasn’t too sure about.  Can’t say the gamble paid off this time around as I’ll talk about more in a bit.

First up though is the main event.  This figure I was not really fond of until recently much like the outfit she is wearing.  I am really questioning my tastes before because this outfit and this figure are amazing and this figure is growing fast on my favorites list.

The one thing that has stopped me before is I never really liked the expression on Ranka’s face.  I don’t know, I think it’s her mouth it seems a bit off.  Even now I am not fond of it but I can’t really see her mouth very well anyways normally because her head is tilted downward so it’s ok.  Also owning an Ai-kun now is very nice bonus.

So another Ranka figure which skirt doesn’t really cover her backside.  I don’t really want to look like a pervert here people, save it for the case off.  I do love those long black ribbons though.

I really love the stockings on this one, I hadn’t noticed before they cover her shoes like this, its pretty cute.  Overall great figure even if the face is a bit strange the rest is perfect.

This figure on the other hand turned out to be a disappointment.  It was a cheap figure so I am not crushed but the quality is very low even lower than the brownie Ranka that goes for the same price that I bought recently.  I don’t like the sculpt on her face at all and everything just feels cheap.  The pegs are glued to her feet which I don’t like either.

I’d say the only nice part is those legs, so sexy.  Probably the reason I bought them but it’s also nice to have xmas Ranka for the holidays too since it seems Ranka and I are linked to Christmas by some kind of a fate.  I would not have bought this figure if I had seen it in person before though.

This was second on my list of most wanted in this round.  As a Ranka fan you just need the Ranka official book.  Can’t say it’s as good as the second book but it’s still worth it.  I was hoping for new illustrations in it I hadn’t seen before after finding some lately online from this books but there was no more.

I really need to learn to read Japanese.  This Ranka blog would be awesome to read as it seems to have Ranka’s thought from throughout the entire series.  The one thing so far I’ve been able to translate of interest is the “I’m sorry everyone” from episode 21.  See people she is not selfish, she understood!  I am not sure what the Ranka dictionary is about but would like to translate it as well.

This book was a complete waste of money.  Mostly just a recap of the TV series in book form it seems.

This was the one good thing about this book.  I can relate to this page.

This book was alright not a waste but not something I’d buy knowing what was in it.  It was similar to the previous one but it has some nice illustrations and character art from the first movie.

It’s nice to have a book that I can open up all the way without bending something too.  I am not sure if I have seen that pic of Alto holding Ranka before but I like it.

I now need to decide what to buy next if anything.  There is 3 new Ranka figures coming out soon I want but there are 2 others I am considering as well which are the SQ and the nyanyan waitress Ranka.  So much Ranka so little space~