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The website of the new Macross FB 7 movie has gone live today (http://www.macross30.com/fb7/) and details of the new movie are surfacing and as a Ranka fan I am excited and hopeful of this new movie…a little.  You can read the details of the movie at Anime News Network (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2012-08-08/macross-fb-7-hybrid-rock-anime-project-outlined)  but the part I am of course most interested in is the news Ranka will have some kind of a role in the upcoming film.  I also find the movie concept rather interesting and a good way to give us more of what we love without pandering TOO much (admit it though it is a pander).

Now I’m not getting my hopes up to high here because for starters they are already stating they are reusing footage from Macross 7 so they may just reused footage of Ranka and Sheryl as well.  For a movie that is announced only a couple of months from when its going to be released I can’t image they will have that much new footage which is why I think this.  My initial reaction is this may be very similar to Nyankuri music clip collection but with a story between the videos rather than just a backstage look at Ranka and Sheryl.  If it is I suppose that will be fine as long as we get some new content at least for Ranka in the form of a concert.  This also brings the possibility of more magical girl Ranka which would be something to cheer for.  I can see it being re-edited at the very least like Ranka’s Seikan Hikou was for Nyankuri.

I also am half expecting it to mostly be Macross 7 footage with some Sheryl and just a tiny amount of Ranka music, hopefully they are fair about it but lets face it this is already a money grab, at least a little, so I’m not going to get my hopes too far up.  90 minutes in length is not a ton of time once you start reusing old footage so room for Ranka may go by fast.  Combining Ranka and Sheryl with Macross 7 music might be an interesting idea though I’d like to see that.  I am not really expecting any new music here though.

Finally it appears that they are leaving Alto out which is fine by me, it keeps love triangle business out of the movie or other such things.  I would be shocked if they brought in Basara either as he is MIA and this isn’t even being created by Kawamori from what I can tell.  Overall I don’t think this can be something bad, maybe a bit cheap but I will comment more as more information comes out.