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The K-On! movie proved once again Kyoto Animation are just beasts in anime making, they can do it all.  It wouldn’t have been hard just to throw together a two-hour K-On! film that had enough random filler material in it in it to make them a ton of money but they made something that tied in extremely well with the TV series and was true to the K-On! spirit.  I honestly could not have asked for a better film and its nice to have a highly anticipated film actually live up to my hopes for once.  Now on with my highlights from the movie.

First let me say it is great to see Azusa again!  Not only that but this whole movie was centered about the girls trying to give a gift worthy of Azusa and ending it with their song to Azusa from the TV series .  I could not have asked for a better premise here as this song was one of my favorite moments from K-On! if not in all of anime.  I figured we would get an hour or two of the girls running around London doing cute and funny things and I am so happy to be wrong.

Epic Azusa face.

I see they improved Yui’s design for the movie! ❤ Yui

I was glad that Mio won the contest to pick where they would go for their trip.  You just knew she was going to do something out of character and she delivered.  She’s like a tsundere but I’d call her a Miodere instead, cool and mature on the surface and a giddy playful school girl on the inside.

Who else was expecting Kyon’s little sister inside?

Is this the first time we’ve ever seen Yui’s parents?  I thought they were a myth since it’s been proven anime teenagers don’t need parents just a dependable imouto.

I think all of us should have known they would bring their guitars with them on a 5 day trip to England and I think we all know what was going to happen next.

Which was an epic Mugi-I-should-have-brought-my-keyboard-too face.

The airplane scene was just great, the Azu-cat and English gag was excellent, that sun rise was just beautiful and Yui about to pounce on Azusa here was the icing on the cake (well we can pretend).

English person

Mugi is such a delicious troll sometimes.  Every time you think she is about to be reliable she turns around and trolls you.  It’s like Charlie Brown and the football if anyone remembers that.

The only thing that really bothered me about this movie was all the characters who showed up out of no where in England.  I tried not to dwell on it too though much since everything else was pure gold.

I approve of their choice of rooms. (Go Green!)

Wouldn’t have guessed that Yui being Yui and packing a bunch of food would actually be the best planning that they did all trip.

I mean this was a really amazingly poorly planned trip.  Not even a tea time in London?  Such a shame.  They didn’t know much about their hotel either, it’s a miracle they didn’t sign up to be in the British royal guard.  Also how were they able to use their cell phones in England.

Just beautiful, I love Kyoto’s animation, it may not be as flashy as other movies but it makes up for it in details and realism.  I was also surprised how little time they actually spent in England for the run of the movie.  I suppose this is just like K-On! considering they advertise music and give us tea and cake.

Speaking of music I was disappointed by the lack of music in the movie, not surprising so I won’t hold it against them but I was hoping for something on the level of say Ranka’s Niji Iro Kuma Kuma concert? (perhaps that was too high a goal to set here lol)

I approve of Gendo-Sawa.

I see so Azu-nyan gave us wings!

Macross Frontier anyone?  I am fine with this though I don’t mind shipping Azusa with the rest of the K-On! band.

“Azu-nyan is a cute and little angel who brought us all happiness!”

Could not have put it better myself.  It was about this time when I realized this would likely be the last time we would see the band with the five of them together.  I suppose all good things must end.  But at least they left it open a little but suggesting a possible Azusa graduation trip, it’s always best to leave us with hope and not despair. (some of you know what I mean here)