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With the release of the Macross super dimensional seminar I’ve started thinking about the next Macross series and what we should hope for or expect.  So far there is no information that I know of about the next Macross at the time of this writing but I do think I can guess a few things just off of what this seminar program is giving us.

For those who haven’t heard the Macross super dimensional seminar is designed to teach the history of Macross to us.  It had in episode one Sheryl showing events from older Macross’s and relating them to events in Macross Frontier.  This at least tells me a couple of things, they are definitely trying to reach to the fans of Macross F to bring over the popularity of it to the next series and also the likeliness of a direct Macross F sequel is very lowly but it exists (its more confirmation than a new deduction).

How I think Macross Frontier will carry over to the next series

Thinking about it a bit more, here is what I think I can guess about the next series.  For starters, like I said, I will not completely rule out a Macross F direct or indirect sequel (although I’d put it at almost a 1% chance personally) considering a couple of things.  First, the economics of anime is completely different in current times compared to the past.  We see a ton more sequels of anything that is popular and even in places where no one expected it.  A couple of examples are Gundam Seed (no alternate universe had ever had a full length sequel before this) and although not an anime Final Fantasy where they are now giving sequels to titles that sold well.  Final Fantasy X-2 I can imagine being extremely similar to Macross F-2 if they made one.

There is also a fair amount of demand for a sequel to Macross F due to the ending, however this comes mainly from Macross F fans and not Macross fans.  There is of course the issue of a sequel probably sucking and I know Kawamori probably does not want to do another Macross F however he may change his mind and I can bet you Satelight has been asking him (if not begging him) if he would consider another Macross F.  He caved once already under the pressure of the love triangle so you never know. (trolololol)

What I believe is more likely though is for starters the next Macross will take place within 10 years of Frontier if not 5 years.  Back to economics, I can’t see a series from pre-Macross F being able to sell merchandise as well particularly for plastic models.  Secondly this opens it up for if not a sequel to Macross F a lot of cameos, which I believe is more likely, in order to bring fans over to the next series.  Perhaps they will even put in the main cast people from Macross F, maybe the SMS will be on a mission on another colony or perhaps Ranka or Sheryl or both will be on tour in another colony and get caught up in something.  This can make both old school fans happy with new content while bringing in the popularity of Frontier over.

So although its all just guess what they will do next I do believe they will try very hard to capitalize on Macross F being the most successful and popular Macross to date in Japan.  After all they sure haven’t stop putting Sheryl and Ranka in all the 30th anniversary stuff so far.

What I want out of the next Macross Anime

Keeping in mind what I said before here is what I would like to see out of the next Macross series keeping it within reason.

Full Length 25+ episode series, no ova

First off I do not like spread out ova’s, I tend to forget what happens with the episodes are spread out months to years apart, not to mention the waiting kills the excitement for the show.  Macross Zero was my first Macross and while I started it half way through it was still very annoying waiting and also forgetting about  details of previous episodes.  However if there is an ova I would like to make an unreasonable request and have the trolled about magical girl Ranka spinoff actually be made as well.

I would prefer a longer series than 25 episodes this time but I don’t believe they can do such a thing as easily in modern times.  You know one thing I really would’ve liked in Macross F actually is filler episodes because when you like a character a lot these are really not such a bad thing to have.  I felt like such episodes can really be used to get to know a character better, how many of you know Ranka likes galactic professional wrestling?

Yoko Kanno

No brainer here, please bring her back.  I also don’t want any weird music or music like Macross 7 please.

Better Enemies, New Aliens

Macross has had pretty bad enemies since the original, it’s almost as weak as the love triangles in the show.  Lets get some interesting conflicts going on here instead of giant bugs.  I would like some new aliens that use the power of song against the humans, it would be an interesting change for once.  This could carry over into one of the idols in the show being one of these aliens and so on.

Double Idols

I really liked the Ranka/Sheryl pair I would like to see such a thing happen again.

Break some of the conventions people seem to have placed

When I see people discussing Macross they like to talk about things that to me would make the show far too boring if they are actually true like it is Macross factual history.  For one example, the older mature girl always wins.  Although when it comes to guys the young immature one wins so I don’t believe this is a real thing and please show it to such people.

Another Ranka

Kawamori has been pretty good lately at creating characters I love so while I know no one can come close to Ranka I think I am still placing some hopes in the next Macross having someone just as great as her.

Love Triangle Less Focused

I really found the love triangle in Macross F way too messy.  It made for a bad end and a lot of anger between fans.  Not to mention it ruined what could have been my favorite show of all time.  Some fans won’t even watch Sayonara no Tsubasa after they found out the results of the love triangle, it’s just horrible when a show that didn’t need to end this way did so.  So I know it won’t disappear just try to not focus it so much, particularly if I grow attached to a character.

More Ranka, Give Ranka a Good End

This is by far far far the thing I want most and honestly why I am looking forward to the next Macross more than anything else.  I know it’s honestly a long shot but I am hoping for something a bit better for Ranka than the end she got last time.  As I said before I don’t expect a sequel of any kind however I do expect references and perhaps a few cameos.  It really wouldn’t be hard to add something even if its small that would completely satisfy me.  For example they could have a news program in the background talking about Ranka getting married.  She could just make an episode one appearance as visiting on a tour.  There is a lot you could put in without giving away anything about what happens to Alto, who marries who and so on.

So this is my hope I am placing on the next series doing something to alleviate the issues from the bad end in Sayonara no Tsubasa and maybe be able to finally put grudges to rest.  Granted I already fear they will just mention Sheryl if anyone since she is the most popular and they always give her more due to this (such as hosting the Macross 30th anniversary seminar).  Well I can hope anyways, if it doesn’t happen on this series it may not occur for a long time if ever.  But hey they did marry off Mao at least within a few years of her being “forever alone” in Macross F and Ranka is way more popular than Mao ever was so you never know.