It has been a pretty fun ride and the end was nothing different.  I have been seeing some criticism of the end but honestly this is Aquarion Evol if you expected something that was completely sound in plot I don’t know what you have been watching all this time.  This show was always about having fun, it truly was exactly what I wished Macross F had been like and more.  But then again episode 25 of Macross F was also pretty fun too and certain people complained up a storm about it (fair warning if you are not a Ranka fan I suggest you just stop reading right now).


So these next few paragraph I suggest you skip if you don’t want to hear me say I told you so and talk about shippy Macross F stuff I would have left alone if not that I completely called this way back in the beginning.  Although I haven’t mentioned this on my blog before I’ve felt like the love triangle(s) in this show had been showing amazing similarities to Macross F TV in structure and characters having the same generic personalities.  I’ve said from episode one I felt Mikono was like Ranka in a few ways (cute, shy, lacked confidence) and I viewed the rest similarly with Alto as Amata (generic good guy), Zessica as Sheryl (strong girl but weak on the inside) and Kagura as Brera (cool bad boy).  Keep in mind this is at a very basic level since anime characters generally are not that complex that they can’t be defined in a sentence or two about how they will generally act.

I figured if they had Mikono separated from Amata for a while towards the end while hanging out with Kagura and then having Amata go save her this would be almost a smoking gun with as to how Kawamori thinks.  This is because although the stories are completely different I think with the basics so similar its a good read into the mind of Kawamori.  Not only did they follow that in such an amazingly similar way but they had so many other similar events I never even expected them to follow such as the goodbye kiss I mentioned in episode 21.  It worked out so well I could practically add Aquarion Evol into my Macross F screenshot comparison post if I wanted to do such a thing.

So in the end this story’s love triangle follow the exact same path as Macross F from initial contact to slowly building up steam to the sudden deflating and separation to the final rescue and confession.  Yes I know there is much different in the details and feelings but this is about structure.  Only after you get the basics correctly analyzed can you even go into the details.  Obviously Amata was more open about liking Mikono the whole time for example but this is not what I am comparing I am comparing the basic path of the story.  It’s why I said Ranka being saved in episode 25 was pretty obvious she was meant to be the one because that is how these stories go.  It’s amazing how people didn’t see this stuff and instead focused on aspects that are easy to take out of context.  Anyways I don’t think anyone will believe me about this so enough of that for now, on with the show.

——————————END OF SHIPPY MACROSS F STUFF >_<————————-


This was definitely my favorite move of the episode.  Even if the two lost the love triangles they gave us hope for both of them by implying a Kagura x Zessica eventual ending.  This would have been great in Macross F too if he had done this with Sheryl x Brera.  Everyone wins and we end on hope and not tears, who cares if it feels a little forced it’s not like they were already dating it was more on hope and it’s way better than what we got in Sayonara no Tsubasa that is for sure.

MIKONNOOOOOOOOOOO (aka RANKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA from episode 25) this just felt like that scene right here.

Ok so it does feel a little pushing it to have Kagura give up on Mikono so easily but I don’t think it’s that bad since he saw Amata’s feelings were for the current Mikono and not a past love Kagura had been holding on it.  In a way they broke fate because of this.  I suppose the only thing left alone is what happen to Amata hating Kagura over killing his parents, did I miss the make up?

EVOL = LOVE of course, I suppose if I had been reading forums I would have known this but this really amused me.

A mecha’s tears filling the seas and uniting the worlds.  This is Aquarion Evol at its finest.  Great stuff.

Zero time for Sazanka again, almost everyone else got a line or two, it makes me sad.  Also sad not to see the song that was reported to be made for this show not be used in the end but at least the song is real.  It’s a very good song too it needs to be in an anime somewhere.

Obligatory Donut shot (why haven’t they attached a sponsor to this yet like Pizza Hut and Code Geass)?  Also how old is she?  Don’t just tease us with the I’m too old for this line and not follow through.

Nice to see Andy got his big bangs back. ^_^

So first off awesome seeing another Kira~ before it’s over from Sazanka.  Second the paper bag girl gets uncovered but only slightly.  I don’t really know if I am supposed to recognize her from that or not though.

In the end I am pretty happy with how Zessica’s end went.  She has hope for love and she has it good in every way even better than Ranka got it in Sayonara no Tsubasa.  I really don’t see why fans need to rage over her unless you feel you have to win Amata or its a bad end, just having that hope for love is enough.  I feel like this is exactly why Sheryl fans need Sheryl to win in the TV series so bad even though they got the canon end in the movies.  Also in a way I can kind of maybe understand Ranka’s feeling in the movies end a little better watching them in this scene.

One last shot of Sazanka being awesome.

Perfect end, flawless victory.  Why couldn’t you have given me this end in Macross F Kawamori oh why…

please please please make more Kawamori and Satelight.

Sorry for all the Macross F talk here I just found way too much to refer too not to say anything.  Sadly though no announcement of a movie or ova’s, maybe something will be said in the blu-rays.  So that’s it the shows over, someone stop me if I ever try to do episodic blogging again unless you liked it then I might consider it.