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I bought two Ranka figures recently both of which are brand new releases from late last May.  The first is Figuarts ZERO Ranka, a release from Bandai, that is rather small but very detailed for her size.  The second is Brownie Ranka, a release from Banpresto, a DX figure which seems to be a cheaper figure line.  I am very pleased with both of these figures even if they are not as nice as some of the more expensive ones out there.

Figuarts ZERO Ranka is a rather tiny figure for the price I paid, I was actually very surprised at just how tiny she looked even though I knew the size beforehand.  The brownie Ranka which is about the same height somehow still looks fairly larger put side by side to me.

Her face sculpt is really not all that great but not horrible.  It doesn’t seem to look as nice in pictures as it does in real life for some reason.  This was the best picture I could take of her face.  I also noticed she seems to have a little fang going on there.  I don’t really get why they love to put fangs on Ranka figures but since she is so small I don’t notice this unless I am very close to her face.

I really think that the back of this outfit was beautifully made.  It really makes the price which I felt was a bit high almost worth it.

I actually think outside her face the entire figure is very well made particularly the outfit.  One thing I find interesting is despite her small size her red ribbon is so big that is makes her one of my largest figures width-wise only being beat by magical girl Ranka.

I bought this one from Amiami since it was the cheapest I could find (about 3k yen) and they turned out to be a pretty good merchant.  Fast shipping with packaging and shipping costs both excellent and it came with a nice thank you note in English, something Mandarake never did. XD

One thing I wonder about is the material she is made out of.  It seems to be a softer kind of pvc or whatnot.  While my other figures don’t want to bend much at all this one has a bit of flexibility to her.  I don’t know if this is a sign of cheap quality or not.

I would in a better world get the Sheryl figure that goes with her since it just sort of feels like they belong together.  However price and grudges I can’t get over keep me from doing so.

Overall I think this figure is excellent but not perfect, her face is really not that bad and the outfit is just wonderful.  if you factor in the price though I would down rate it since I think she is more worth 1.5k yen however if you are a Ranka figure collector I would definitely say forget the price and get her anyways.  If nothing else I’d recommend buying her just so Bandai will keep at making more figures of her’s.

Next up is brownie Ranka.  She actually was originally sold in a set with a Sheryl however I found her for sale by herself and since I have no desire for the Sheryl counterpart (which this one did not seem nice) I bought Ranka alone.

As I mentioned before she is very cheap for a figure at 1k yen which seems to be the standard from Benpresto’s DX line.  But I still like her a lot, this outfit was not used in the animation but I like the outfit which I believe I put in my top 20 best outfits.

Her face may not be on the same level as more expensive figures but I think she’s fine.  I wish her hair was a bit more detailed but I love that hat to death so it’s okay in the end.  I do like that she has a bit different of expression on her face from my other figures which all have big smiles.  Good to mix it up a little.

Gotta love the cape, that big black ribbon on the back of her head and those puffy balls on her shoes.  Overall it has a bit of a different feel to it with her facial expression and the outfit feels a bit different from my other Ranka figures, it’s a nice change of pace.  I feel this figure is pretty nice for the price and even taking out the price I like it a lot.

Here are all the Ranka’s I currently own.  My first thought here is: why do they have pink on all of them but one, it’s not a color I associate with her.  Anyways, it really feels like a lot to me and yet there are two more Ranka figures I currently am planning on buying that should be released in the coming months nurse Ranka DX and Ichiban Kuji EOT Ranka.  This will give me 3 figures of her EOT outfit which is fine by me as I love to death it.  I honestly kind of wish for no more Ranka figures to come out just because I don’t have room for them all and can’t seem to stop myself from buying them (really I want more Ranka figures to come out).