We are now down to the very last and at the best of the best in Macross F outfits.  While the top 20 was pretty hard to rank overall, the number one rank was not.  This is by far and way my favorite, it’s not even close.  In fact it’s not even just my favorite of Macross F wardrobe this is the best outfit I’ve ever seen.  I love it so much that I think it deserved a full post of its own.

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Now on to the final outfit.

Number One: End of the Triangle Ranka

That headpiece!  I love that translucent cloth flowing from it.

Those braids in her hair and mini-crown!  It is so fitting that she wears a crown for both this outfit and Ranka reign as (little) queen’s among the anime land.

That glow!  I find it interesting they all started glowing yellow which is in between Ranka’s green and Sheryl’s red on the color spectrum.  More proof Ranka x Sheryl is the true pair who hooked up after Alto ran off with the Varja Queen. XD

I love the collar as well.  Not to mention the black and whitish-yellow color theme goes well on her with it.

Those red ribbons out of the back are just gorgeous and I love that layered skirt.

Fan created material by my favorite artists have been outstanding on this outfit.

What more can I say, this is a perfect outfit to conclude these series of posts as it was the one that was at the end of Sayonara no Tsubasa, the one she was most beautiful in and what she shined in the brightest.  Of course it is also sadly associated with that love triangle resolution junk and the split up of the triangle but let’s try to forget those events existed.

Other things I love about this outfit (besides everything) are those thigh-highs, those arm and wrist bands, that cute necklace, the stylish belt, that necktie that isn’t really a necktie and those gloves.  Probably the least appreciated part is that beautiful translucent material that flows not only from her headpiece but from her waist as well.  It’s really amazing that such a dress could look so simple on first glance but have so many nicely designed cute components to it and yet not be overly flashy or overly cutesy.

One thing I find interesting is that this is I think the only dress in her entire wardrobe where she does not have a bow on the back of her head.  I think the sort of bow under the mini crown is supposed to be the replacement for it but this is not a bad thing just an interesting note.

Now this concludes my posts on Ranka’s outfits.  As you can see there are a ton of dresses and stage costumes that are amazing in the Macross F universe and many more I couldn’t fit in.  I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it and I hope the wait wasn’t too long for those who were reading along as I was creating them.

One other thing not related to outfits, it was a joy to be able to write just fun blog articles on Ranka free of things such as the love triangle, haters and other such things that too often ruin the enjoyment of this franchise.  However, sadly it seems I am running low on topics due to the series already fading away into history and interest from readers as well.  I don’t know where I will go with my Ranka fandom from here, I should be able to create a few more blog posts (also depending on how many Ranka figures I buy in the future) but without new content or ideas I’m afraid we may not be seeing much of our wonderful green-haired little queen in the future (but you never know).