So with now only three episodes left in Aquarion Evol the questions are finally starting to get answered.  I am not sure I like where this is heading though, this show’s strength was always in the innuendos and fun factor.  Now that we are at the end all this has been thrown out the window and we are getting what is shaping up to be a very strange ending.  I think my main interest now is the love triangles and who’s surviving because I get a big feeling, consider it’s Kawamori, that Mikono is going to disappear at the end.

So I wondered at the start of this episode if Kawamori was trolling us here similarly to how Kawamori trolled us with Ozma in Macross F episode 17.  However the way Shrade went out I think he’s gone for good but I still wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up alive at the end somehow.  This wasn’t really all that emotional though considering Shrade has been talking about his death since he was first introduced.  He would’ve been the first guy I guessed to die in this show.

The scene really lost any of its remaining impact to me at this point.  Even at the very end they still go for the bromance angle with the “what’s wrong Cayenne?”  I was waiting for Sazanka to shed a tear in the background as well at her lost pairing.

If you had told me Amata was a reincarnation of a 24,000 year old winged dog with unrequited love in episode one….I might have believed you. 😀  I don’t even know what to say about this one, perhaps I need to watch Genesis.  Can’t say this doesn’t fit in with Kagura’s personality though.  I wonder, if the dog had unrequited love and Kagura seems to be more dog like of the two does that mean he’s going to get rejected?  This Amata/Kagura/Puppy relationship is way too weird and confusing for me.

Speaking of weird, I have no idea where this is going with two earths but I’ll wait until the end to judge.

I find it humorous that Kagura’s reverse element power makes him unstoppable for 22 episodes until the plot needs to put him in the corner.

Still sucks to be Zessica, I truly hope she gets a happy end.  She really deserves it just like another girl did with the hair the color of grass.

Although I don’t think I stated this on my blog anywhere I completely called this.   Seems like this is just like Kawamori to put Mikono and Kagura together like this towards the end.  I’m betting on a Mikono and Amata end now with likely Mikono disappearing while saying something like “I love you” to Amata.  Either way I am really interested in how this love triangle is going to end more than anything else.

These two get no love when the plot gets serious.  It’s a shame.  Not to mention why haven’t we seen man-Mix in a few episodes either.