Continuing on with the top 20 Ranka outfits here is five through two.

Number Five: Pink dress Ranka

What is so great about this dress is out of everything she wears this one looks amazing but yet is something you could get away with wearing like a normal dress.  Simple and stylist, she looks just great in pink.  The hat is just the icing on the cake, it works wonderfully as an accessory.

Number Four: Fairy Ranka

I think people too often don’t give this one enough credit due to the attention focused on her magical girl half during the concert in which these are seen but this outfit is really just completely and utterly adorably cute.  What’s more is that hairstyle she has as fairy Ranka just adds to it, I wish she had gone with this hairstyle more it’s very cute.  Even more are those wings, they are so pretty and I love just watching them move during her concert.  I just think they did an amazing job on this one, one of the best outfits in all of Macross.  It’s really unfortunate it’s only shown at the same time as an even better outfit.  I want to see more more more of this one, 3 minutes is criminally not enough for one of the best stage costumes they created.

Number Three: The White Dress

Yeah I called number four simple but this one is even more simple and it just works perfectly on her.  It’s so simple I really have nothing much to say about it besides it fits her like a glove in no way any of her dresses, that were not stage costumes, could come even close.  This is a prefect example of how not trying too hard or being too flashy can still make something beautiful.  Quiet simply she looks stunning in it, my only complaint is they basically modeled three or four other dresses around it during the show and used it a ton towards the end.  While I can’t disagree with the idea of using it a lot I would have liked a little more effort put into her wardrobe there.  That is not even really a criticism because I can not find a better dress to over use then this one.

Number 2: Magical girl Ranka

Magical! Wonderful!  The concert to end all concerts and this was the costume at the center of it all!  In my opinion it was one of the greatest if not greatest concerts if not greatest anime scenes in the history of anime.  I admit it was not love at first sight with it, it took a little getting use to but that just makes it like a fine wine.  What can I say about it,  The hat is epic, the key is epic, those shoes are epic, the little lady bug is epic, that GIANT BOW IN THE BACK OF HER HEAD is epic. 😀  I didn’t even get into the Noir version of it yet.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to see a figure made of this and to actually be able to own said figure as I posted before.  OPEN☆RANKA FOR LIFE

So there is 19 out of the 20 down, I imagine you can guess what number one is now if you know me at all.  However I am still going to give it its own post since I love the outfit that much.  Next post though will be my favorite post of the series which is just random awards I thought of.  Once again OPEN RANKA.

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