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This is one of two posts on discussing outfits outside of my top twenty Ranka outfits.  Many of these could have been in the top twenty (especially Ranka’s white school uniform) but since it’s all just for fun I liked separating it like this.  This post covers new stuff in 2012, Sheryl’s best and fan created outfits.

New outfits in 2012

I think its pretty nice that even though the show is over and has been over for a while now they are still pumping out stuff for us fans.  Sure it’s for sucking our money away from us but I don’t mind if it’s Ranka.  I imagine its going to stop though when the next Macross project comes out later this year(?) so I will enjoy it for as long as I can.

Ranka would be great working in the military!  Pretty hard to find a decent scan of this outfit though.

I like this one a lot, it feels a bit different from the usual and red and black goes well on her.

This one came with a new Macross F product released recently.  Elegant long dresses look good on Ranka as well (but what doesn’t).

I think this is her best outfit in 2012 if not since the movie ended and I would probably put it in my top 10 if I was going to rank it.  It was used for the new years Macross F celebration as well as the 30th anniversary event held very recently in which they made a life-sized statue from it (pictured above).  Cute stuff like this just fits Ranka like a glove.

Sheryl’s top 5 outfits

I really did want to put more stuff about Sheryl in all these blog posts but honestly I am just not interested her outfits.  Many of them I feel like they tried too hard to sell her although most I just don’t feel anything for so it would be impossible for me to discuss or otherwise rank.  I think the reason is I just don’t find outfits as interesting on a character designed to be sexy rather than cute.  Anyways here are five outfits I do like!

Number Five

Basically the same as the Ranka outfit I put in my top 20, sadly these were never worn in the show.  Would have preferred a different color but purple is not bad.

Number Four

The hat is a little weird but I like it, one of her better outfits that I feel is not overly flashy or too revealing for her and I think it works great.

Number Three

This was used in the Nyankuri music clip collection for Diamond Crevasse.  A very pretty dress indeed, improvement over the one that is used in her Diamond Crevasse concert in the TV series.  Partly since her hair is not blue here.

Number Two

The only good outfit they made for Sheryl in Sayonara no Tsubasa and it was still completely out classed by Ranka’s outfit here in my opinion.  I know I am biased about that and I’m not that I am trying to take anything away from it I think its great.

Number One

This one was used in the final battle for Macross F in the TV series.  I think it’s one of the few I like enough to want to buy a figure of her in it.  It just suits her perfectly to me.  I like that it doesn’t feel too over flashy but it’s still very cute and sexy.

Best fan created outfits

Ranking the best fan made Ranka outfits was almost impossible. There are so many out there and the quality of the image played some importance too unlike the other categories. In the end I am not really satisfied with having a true top 10 and I’m sure I missed many good ones out there but here is the best of what I found.

Number Ten

What I like about this one is the wings and those bows and  the little bear on Ranka’s head.  I think it’s pretty cute overall though.

Number Nine

Ranka and Halloween costumes seem like a natural fit.  She does look pretty good in a witch outfit.  You’ve cast a spell over me Ranka!  (yeah that was corny)

Number Eight

Although it’s hard to see this one from the angle I mostly just like the color scheme here.  Why don’t we see Ranka in green stockings more often, it just works.

Number Seven

Very beautiful dress, I almost want to think this is not fan created.  Those wings on the back of her head are a very nice touch.  Makes me wonder how they never did something like that in the anime.

Number Six

Can’t have a top 10 without a kimono, one of two on the list since I like it so much.  Not creative I know but still I like them on Ranka.

Number Five

Cowboy Ranka just wins.  Is there a hat that doesn’t look good on Ranka?

Number Four

Another kimono Ranka, love these and this is my favorite fan made one.

Number Three

She looks pretty good in black and white.  Love those gloves and boots.

Number Two

I’m honestly not sure what I like about this one but I for some reason like it a lot.  Oh well, enjoy. ^_^

Number One

What better number one outfit is there than a wedding dress for mai waifu.  So there are actually 3 or 4 Ranka wedding dresses out there that fans have created that are just amazing, I picked my favorite for number one to keep the top ten list from being nothing but a favorite wedding dress list.  Not much more needed to say about this one, just amazing.  Macross F fans can draw some great things.

Since fan made stuff can be nearly limitless and there is thousands of drawings out there if you have a favorite please share with us.

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