I want to do a bit of a rant here which started as a reply to a comment in regards to Macross F and the love triangle but I decided to make a small post out of it instead.  I know it’s rather late to the party but it’s something I have always hated, this notion that people imply that the love Ranka, Sheryl and Alto had for each other was very lopsided or that Alto didn’t really care much for one girl (or in a way that would make it impossible for him to love one of the girls).  The three cared deeply for each other, they did so from start to finish even if it was not shown as much at first (although I kind of do think Alto did not like Sheryl at all in the TV series at first).  I was reminded of this today while listening to the song Tablet where Sheryl and Ranka are basically trying to tell Alto to understand the other girls feelings for him, because really they want happiness for all of them not just themselves.

Pretty much in the end the difference in love between them all is not that much so I don’t see why the need for the hate that has risen from the shipping wars surrounding this show.  All of them placed the others before themselves and risked their lives at some point for the sake of the others, if you can’t understand at least this much then your discussions surrounding this show are just going to be plain wrong.  While some try to argue it being different kinds of love (before the end) there really is no factual proof behind that just interpretations.  Thinking about it I can see why Kawamori placed so much importance on a lasting initial impression because really when they are all very close to each other it can basically come down to that and this reconfirmed pretty much everything I concluded about the love triangle in the TV series.

So yeah honestly I can see Alto doing the same thing for either one of them and reacting the same way in any of the circumstances in either the movies or TV series and I can see Alto falling in love with either one of them easily just due to the circumstances.  I believe that is what happened, different circumstances led to different results but the love between all the them still exists.  Perhaps that is what Kawamori wanted us to understand in the end with the changes he made between the TV and movies as I discussed in my Macross F screenshot post and why I think he wanted Ranka to win in the TV series while Sheryl in the movies.  This is also why I created that screenshot comparison post in a way that I felt was more about positives in order to spread hope for Ranka fans and not to spread sadness for Sheryl fans, if I wanted to do that I would go on forums and such not blog on a site that will mainly attract Ranka fans.  So regardless of your opinions on the love triangle or who your favorite character is I hope you at least try to remember that Kawamori never wanted you hating on anyone or spreading hate for your cause here.