As we are approaching the end of the show my character rankings are most or less set at this point so instead I’m doing a rare (for me) article on the latest episode, episode 21.  This was a very eventful episode with the latest revelation about a link between Kagura and Amata as well as with Zessica appearing to be in trouble.  It’s hard to say where this show will go next but here are the highlights from the episode.

Kawamori must really like donuts,  this is becoming like Code Geass and Pizza Hut at this point.

I really don’t like how serious of a character they’ve made Andy lately.  I prefer his upbeat mood and funny innuendos.

So I’m guessing Mikono is going to end up more or less similar to what Ranka was in the end as being very important to victory or defeat.  Usually when characters like this end up in the situation she’s in its to be set up for a heroic return that leads them to victory.  However the next episode preview does not seem to imply this so we shale see.

This was pretty surprising but its funny as it was happening.  It felt like I was watching something very similar to the kiss from episode 24 of Macross F, which amused me a little.  Kawamori does seem to like to give the girls who don’t get the guys these kinds of moments anyways from what I’ve seen.

It really was a sad episode to be a Zessica fan and the killer part of it is now she is possibly dead.  More likely I imagine she will return towards the end on the enemy side.  Although I imagine Kawamori could troll us and just have her flat-out dead here (I don’t even want to think about this idea I will rage so hard if it happens).

And right after that we suddenly get a I-never-saw-this-funny-a-moment-coming-next moment.  “You said when I finished the piece, you would play it with me, my friend.” Bromance much?  I didn’t quite see what was about to happen and then I suddenly realized the moment Sazanka had been waiting for was happening, the fated union.

Risky Union, what a perfect name as well for a Sazanka, Shrade and Cayenne union.  I think I was at the edge of my seat waiting to see how Sazanka would react at this point, we hadn’t seen much of her fujoshi nature since early on in the series so I was shocked they would bring this back out of the blue like this.

“This is so rotten!”  I must admit I lost it at this point.  Sazanka this is why you are the best, you get so few lines yet they are all pure gold.  Honestly Aquarion Evol is far and away the most entertaining show I’ve seen since Gurren Lagann.  I don’t see how anything can top this point.

So back to the story we end the episode with Amata and Kagura having some kind of connection as children to their mother.  They leave it very vague here saying “you are me” so I can’t even guess what it all means, I imagine if I had watched Genesis I might have a better idea.  I suppose one possibility is that they are twins and thus somehow share the same reincarnated soul.

One other note, although the new ending is growing on me I still am disappointed they never called upon Megumi Nakajima for either the opening or the ending themes.  I also am guessing at this point the song Yoko Kanno created with Megumi Nakajima for this show is going to be used in the finale since that seems most likely (part of me is scared it wont show up but at least I can listen to it on her album if nothing else).  Anyways, hopefully next weeks episode will be just as good.