Continuing on from my first post this is the second in the 6 part series of blog posts on one of my favorite aspects of Macross Frontier which is all the cute and cool outfits in the show.  Even if you don’t find it interesting you can at least view this as an image dump of cute Ranka images.  Since all the top ten costumes are epicly awesome you’ll be noticing an increase in images in the top 10.

Number 10 – tied: Wedding Dress Ranka

Sadly used far less than it should have this one just felt like it is was made for her (no hidden meaning there nope).  I think it could have been higher too but this is the only image out there of it so it will have to be 10th for now.  Still I couldn’t dream of a wedding dress more prefect for Ranka.

Number 10 – tied

This one was used in both the Nyankuri music clip collection and the PS home live concert.  I have a lot of good memories from those two things with this one so  forgive me if you think I overrated this one.  I think this still suits her pretty well and I love the rose in her hair, I wish they had done this more with Ranka.

Number 9: Pilot Ranka

I think this one is pretty undervalued and it’s not shown very much in Sayonara no Tsubasa or its advertisements for how good it is.  I didn’t think much of it at first but it reminds me of Asuka’s experimental plug suit from eva 2.22 which is a great thing.  It’s pretty cute and sexy but not too overboard on either which I think makes for a pretty good mix here.

Number 8: Kimono Ranka

Considering this is the outfit of one of the three Ranka figures I currently own you know it’s going to be pretty high up on the list.  Sadly as awesome as this outfit is for some reason they never used it anywhere in the movies.  It makes no sense to me because she is just stunning in this but I imagine it might have been made after the movies were created since I believe the first appearance of it was in Ranka’s second visual book.  I love everything about this one from the flower to the thigh high stockings to those sleeves.  If I was more knowledgeable about clothing I would probably be able to rant for hours on this one (and every other one from here on out).

Number 7: The unused utahime dress

I really really don’t understand why this outfit was advertised all over the place for the first movie and I believe is even on the cover of the DVD but yet it was not in the movie at all outside of a briefly shown poster.  It really disappoints me as it is one of her best costumes.  It’s not like they couldn’t have just transformed her into it during the first movie’s finale they have the technology to transform outfits on the fly in the show and I don’t mind a little pander every once in a while.  I really didn’t appreciate this one enough until recently but I think it is like number 9 in that is has a good mix of cuteness and sexiness without going overboard.  It also looks great in green (as shown above) which was done for a figure that I wish to buy some day.  Also goes without saying Ranka looks great in those mini-hats.

Number 6: The Kira~

Yes when her most famous outfit is only number 6 you know the rest are going to be amazing.  I mean what is there that really needs to said about this one.  Sure you can say it’s overused but it’s so iconic and so associated with her I won’t hate it for that and it just makes me want to love it to death.  It’s most associated with episode 12 and one of the best moments of Macross Frontier where she introduces the Kira~ which will likely live on as the signature of Macross Frontier.  Even if they should have given her more outfits in the TV series if your going to overuse something its hard to find much better than this in all of Macross.

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