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The spring anime season so far has been one of the better seasons in a while.  There are more high-tier quality shows this season than I have seen in a while as well as more middle-tier shows and less horrible shows. Almost all of what I dropped (besides Lupin) I would not have done so in most anime seasons but I did so anyways in order to keep me from being burned out with anime. 

I think a lot of my opinions for this season probably go against either popular or intellectual opinion but that is just the way I am.  I will at least acknowledge that I watch anime for strange reasons and I definitely value entertainment over quality.  This season’s thoughts are my lazyman edition, no pictures and I’m just going to say whatever comes to my mind about what I do and don’t like about each show and well as group them all into high-tier, middle-tier and dropped.

Middle-tier anime

Acchi Kocchi

This show can’t seem to hold my interest but yet despite that it keeps having a few funny moments, it’s 80% dull 20% hilarious at this point.  There is a huge moe factor to it that I can’t seem to get behind though.  I wish they had not made the two main characters both so…uninteresting I don’t think that works very well.  I don’t really know what is bringing me back for more each week but yet I am still watching it.

Accel World

Ok so I’ve been told I’m being pandered to on this one but I don’t care it’s fun anyways so just pander to me away.  Sadly there were some events I did not expect to happen so far that got me thinking this show might become really good only to end up being a tease.  For episode one my thoughts can be found here.


This one just started airing so I only have a couple of episodes to go off of, in fact I waited this long on this blog post just for this show.  Yes, this show has a very, to put it nicely, silly plot but it’s still been a pretty fun ride so far.  Half of that is just because I like shows about idols and the other half is the references to Ranka that got put into it.  In fact I’m surprised they didn’t have Megumi Nakajima voice one of the older idols considering its Kawamori and Satelight behind this show.  This one could easily get just plain bad fast and it’s pretty clear that the older idols are not going to have much screen time fairly fast here.  I find this very sad as the ones in training are just not all that interesting.  So I’m hopeful but not expecting much on this one.


Well it certainly has all the make up of a winner.  Kyoto + all the seiyuu’s from K-On! and a setting that reminds me of Haruhi but still this show has only been lukewarm to me so far with the possibility of it getting better.  Since it aired later than the rest of the season it’s still early so this is why I’m still hopefully on this one.  My main problem is this show’s main character is basically a very very lazy Kyon which is just boring to watch most of the time.  Thankfully there are other more interesting characters to make up for this but it’s still a mark against the show thus far.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the dead

Continues on from where we last left it, nothing new to see here.  Same sort of weird mix of odd humor and seriousness that is usually pretty entertaining.  I couldn’t get past though how there was a giant monster in the school yard and yet no one seemed to be scared about it and cared more about the fact that the hero was in a mahou shoujo outfit.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

This one is pretty interesting although its moved more into the realm of a fanservice show as of late.  Still pretty amusing most of the time but it’s not something that is going to win any awards any time soon.

Dropped Anime

Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna

Well I suppose this was made for all the super old school anime fans.  Honestly I am no fan of Lupin but I don’t hate the series either.  However I don’t understand the animation in this show, I think someone is going to have to explain to me why they this series doesn’t seem to want to look like it wasn’t made in the 70’s.  However I can look past that, what bothers me to no end is Fujiko.  I rarely ever say this about anime but I feel like the people behind this series are very sexists.  It’s not so much that there is boat loads of fanservice of her in this series but the idea that her body is her weapon in crime.  I’m probably already going to get hate for that so I’ll just leave it at this.

Sakamichi no Apollon

I know this show is good, however it reminded me too much of a 60’s version of Beck.  I’m probably going to get hate for this one too but well the school bully theme I’m sick of watching and I just didn’t enjoy the first episode.  I suggest getting another opinion other than mine on this show anyways.  I wasn’t even sure if I should mention it here.  Sad too because Yoko Kanno is doing the music which is usually enough alone to hook me.

Sengoku Collection

It seems this show early on is about a different cute girl each week who is a famous person from the past stuck in the present for some reason.  I don’t even know, but well at least episode two was fun.  It was so similar to Ranka’s story as a rising idol I kind of wonder if they had watched too much Macross.  Even the girl she ended up passing to become the best was practically a Sheryl clone.  The rest was so blah that however much I want to see just that one story I don’t think I can sit through the rest to get to more of it.  If only I had someone who could watch this show for me and let me know when the idol girl is in it.

Shining Hearts: Shiwase nopan

Nopan?  Where?????  Seriously though this show was just uninteresting and I dropped it after episode two.  We had some elves for some reason, three amazingly cute girls who like the main guy for some reason and some storm that seemed to pass uneventfully which made me wonder why they built it up in the first place.  I do love the amazing character designs but I am not going to stick around to find out where this show is going.


I really tried to stick with this one but the premise is so crazy though I have to wonder where they think of this stuff, a sci-fi fishing story?  The main character though I can relate too as I too am horrible at communication and I always end up saying the wrong things (and yet I have this blog I don’t know how).  So he’s someone I can really cheer for but I just couldn’t get behind the story for whatever reason.  I really wanted to stick with this one but in the end I just decided it wasn’t worth it.

High-tier Anime

Aquarion Evol

I am sneaking this one in although its not new just because its one of the most entertaining anime shows I’ve seen in a very long time.  Just read anything I write anywhere and you’ll see how much I love this show.

Eureka seven AO

I have high hopes for this one after how good the original series was and so far I think it’s meeting it.  The plot is pretty straight forward so far but I feel like there is going to be more to it later on and I also feel like its setting up for something much bigger.  I am still not sure if this takes place in the past from Eureka Seven or in an alternate universe as I forget the details behind the show since its been so long.  Regardless this looks like it will live up to the name Eureka Seven so I’m all in on this one.

Fate/zero s2

I am not sure I really even need to put this one here but I will do so just in case there is anyone not already watching this show, GO WATCH IT!  Can’t really talk much about it without spoiling so just know its one of the better made shows in recent memory even though I can’t say I liked the recent flashback two episode story (until the last 5 minutes of it).

Space Brothers

This is the one of the best shows of the season so far.  The fact that I can actually remember the main characters name, Mutta, just shows how much of an impression he’s made.  He has the standard setup up that I love, the loser who ends up living the dream he didn’t think was possible.  Probably the only bad thing is that its very predictable with what is going to happen, I would actually prefer a few more curve balls thrown here so when he achieves his dreams (which I assume he will) it will feel more rewarding (see Macross F ep 25 for a good example, I love licking the tears of Ranka haters who can’t stand that episode).   Anyways, I think this is the kind of show most people can relate to in terms of wanting to achieve a dream.