One of the things I like most about Macross F is the outfits.  The wardrobe of both Ranka and Sheryl really go far above that of most series in terms of amount, effort and quality.   So, thus, this is my tribute to the outfits of the show.  I admit am not really knowledgeable about such things enough to talk about them so my commentary will not be all that great here but look forward to many many pictures to make up for that.  I have so many that I split this up into nine blog posts.  Fair warning 95% of all this is Ranka, I simple don’t enjoy Sheryl’s outfits for whatever reason, however, I did try my best to put something in here for her.

For reference here is the rest of the posts in the series.

1. Ranka’s best #20-11 (currently here)

2. Ranka’s best #10-6

3. Outfits in 2012,  Sheryl’s top 5 and best fan made outfits for Ranka

4. Ranka’s best #5-2

5. Ranka’s school uniforms and miscellaneous awards

6. Ranka’s number one outfit

Now on to the main post.

Number 20

This one made it on my list mostly for sentimental reasons for being in my favorite music video.  I really do like it though and those shoes are really cute.

Number 19

I call this the otaku costume.  The amount of jokes you could make here is nearly limitless but it’s very cute anyways and if you don’t like it she’ll shoot you!

Number 18

This one didn’t get nearly enough screen time only being shown briefly during the start of Sayonara no Tsubasa.  The hat is the best part of it.

Number 17

One of the few on my list not be in the anime in any shape or form I still like it enough to get to number 17.  Sort of feels Christmas like but this one shows that Ranka needs to wear more mini-hats.

Number 16

I remember this as the final outfit ever shown in Macross F during the credits.  Regardless, it still is a great outfit and sort of feels different from the other ones but still cute.

Number 15

Just ignore the wolves and a under-dressed Sheryl here, if you can, this is another one that never made it into the anime anywhere.  That big back ribbon and the orange and black colors look really good on her so that got it on my list.

Number 14

I think sometimes this one felt a little too childish for Ranka but some times she just looked very cute in it.  The cuteness of above screenshot alone got this one on my list at 14.

Number 13

This one I felt was a little plain for a movie that seemed to make her outfits anything but.  However, like number 14 this image alone got her up on this list this far because it’s just one of the best out there.  Silly reason I know, but I never claimed to be unbiased or fair and balanced in this.

Number 12

This is one of her most well-known dresses and the one she is wearing the first time we meet her.  I’ve always like these kinds of Chinese dresses although this one felt a little off for some reason but for the other reasons it gets up to number 12 for me.

Number 11

Finally, for now, we have at number 11 her final dress in Sayonara no Tsubasa.  Simple yet beautiful and suites her perfectly.  Too bad she couldn’t be happier here but well at least she was still amazing and now free to find someone more worthy (if there is anyone in the universe on or near her level). 😀

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