I honestly was not sure if I was ever going to say the following:  I recently bought the kimono Ranka figure.  It’s probably one of the rarer and more expensive Ranka going for $200-400 in the few places I’ve found it.  I can’t think of another I’d have to pay $200 plus depending on where you buy it.  Anyways let’s have a look at kimono Ranka.

I realize that it’s not called kimono Ranka but I like this name better.

I really got her for a great deal too.  I’ve been checking Mandarake for months with no luck finally to find her in stock and for only 6k yen too.  Considering the cost of finding her anywhere else and that Mandarake sells the Sheryl version for 20k yen I think this one of the best deals I’ve been able to find.  I really can’t recommend Mandarake enough for finding figures, even with shipping they are often way cheaper than anywhere else you can find it.

As for the figure itself, amazing!  She is very beautiful and cute, I can’t believe they couldn’t get this outfit in somewhere in the anime.  This outfit really suits her well and the figure is very detailed and nice crafted in my uninformed opinion.

Her legs are probably the best part, very sexy and just gorgeous.  I imagine though the stockings have a lot to do with it as they compliment her great.  Zettai Ryouiki FTW!

It’s funny how neither of my two Ranka figures seem to care much for her skirt covering her back side.

Ok this is the one thing I really was disappointed in, that being the stand and pegs.  First, you had to force her legs apart a little to get them in the pegs which seemed poorly done to me.  I only have a few figures to go off of but this seems like a bad idea.  Secondly, the pegs are cheap and don’t go in firmly into her feet.  This cause the figure to not feel all that stable compared to my other two figures.  She wobbles back and forth whenever I type on my keyboard, like right now.

It also makes for very difficult movement and I can’t just hold her by the stand like I do with my other two, I must hold on to her which I don’t like doing as I imagine my hand are just going to cause bad things to happen.  I simply am amazed that a figure that is so expensive (most due to rarity though) has such a cheap stand, if I paid $400 for this I would be very mad about it.

This figure is also a cast off.  As you can see though, I never figured out how to take off the sleeves.  I couldn’t find a thing about how to do it and it felt like I would have to split her sleeves in half to do it and I didn’t really want to try this considering I am keeping her with her clothes on permanently.  This is another mark against this figure, however, it doesn’t impact me much long-term.  If anyone knows how to take them off though please let me know I would appreciate it.

I must say though, I did not buy this for the cast off but she is very cute here.  I would say it’s the best Ranka figure cast off I’ve seen just based off all the pictures of others.  At the very least she does not wobble back and forth as much when she is like this which I suppose helps preserve her better a little.

On a side note I just got a new digital camera today which is what I have been waiting for before making this post.  It’s pretty cheap but it works, as you can see here I probably should have read the instructions before taking pics of her cast off portion.

Overall though this figure is great, particular for the price I paid for it I almost feel it was a steal.  I would highly recommend this figure for any serious Ranka figure collector as despite the poor stand the figure itself is amazing.  This will likely be one of the last Ranka figures I buy as I am limiting myself currently to four.  The fourth one will hopefully be the Ichiban Kuji end of the triangle Ranka currently set to be released in August from what I can tell.  Although I do love buying figures and I love making blog posts like this so you never know.

On a side note my friend Yakuri is selling one currently (as of writing this post anyways), you can find it over at myfigurecollection here.