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Although my character rankings for Aquarion Evol had been mostly unchanged since episode 12 I’ve had some big movement on the list this week so I thought I’d do an update.  Of course major spoilers if you haven’t watched to episode 16 yet.

10.  Jin Muso (new addition) – The Jin x Yunoha story was never meant to be.  Not sure if I should be putting a dead character on the list but he deserves it.

9.  Crea Dolosera (down four) – She still hasn’t been developed much and the other characters are gaining points so she is dropping as a place holder.

8.  MIX (down two) – She hasn’t been focused much lately so she really can’t keep up with all the other characters.  I get the feeling we won’t see her much despite her popularity but we will see.

7.  Amata Sora (up one) – Poor guy, seems like he might end up with the bad end at this point but you never know.

6.  Andy W. Hole (down three) – It’s not that he became less awesome that he dropped from 3rd to 6th, it was just everyone else became more awesome while he didn’t change.  Keep digging the holes bro.

5.  Yunoha Surror (up four)- Her story was so sad I can’t help but like her more because of it.  I hope she gets more character development before the show ends.

4.  Kagura Demuri (up three) – So basically all this time this guy says the exact opposite of what he really thinks.  Very funny when Mikono said go ahead and kill me right here and he says we can’t do that in public.   They do make a good couple, poor Amata.

3.  Zessica Wong (up one) – Oh she said it!  She got major major points for the confession and in turn showing everyone the power of unrequited love, something I can get behind 1000%.  Hopefully this green short-haired girl gets some kind of happy end from Kawamori.

2.  Mikono Suzushiro (unchanged) – At one point she was losing major points with me just due to her getting dull but she’s made a giant leap with her scenes with Kagura.  She’s still the cuteness character so far in 2012.

1.  Sazanka Bianca (unchanged) – Finally!  We get to see her piloting and find out her ability.  I must say corrosion wasn’t all that fun but seeing her dark side come out during the battle made me so very giddy.  Also major points that she was hoping to gattai with Shrade and Ceyenne.  Sadly I feel like this is the best we will ever get of her and it’s all down hill from here but I hope I’m wrong.  I want to see more double Kira~ signs in the future!