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I really am a character lover more than anything and it’s a big reason why I am enjoying Aquarion Evol the most of any show in recent memory.  So I decided it might be fun to start doing character power rankings on Aquarion Evol.  I will only likely do any updates if there are any changes to the rankings though so this will not likely be a weekly article.  Fair warning, like usual, I will see Ranka in more than one character here. 😀

10.  Shrade Elan / Cayenne Suzushiro – They made it as bait for Sazanka funny nose-bleed inducing fujoshi thoughts.

Bonus points for a Shrade, Cayenne and Sazanka gattai.

9.  Yunoha Surror – First time I’ve seen disappearing moe but I guess there is moe for everything.  Doesn’t seem like the greatest idea for a moe mode but it’s entertaining at least.

Bonus points will depend on her future role in this show.

8.  Amata Sora – He’s not a very interesting main character but then again most aren’t that are male.  His levitation power when he gets excited and appreciation of Mikono gets him up the number 8 spot though.  I should like the Mikono x Amata pairing more than I do but for some reason it’s kind of dull but I’m not against it in the slightest.  I think I might root for a Zessica x Amata pairing if the forbidden love that is Kagura x Mikono works.  Everyone wins in that scenario at least which I can definitely get behind after recent heartbreaks.

Bonus points if he can break the mold of dull main characters.

7.  Kagura Demuri – The untamed bad boy characters are usually the annoying types to me but for some reason I find a Kagura x Mikono pairing interesting and of course liking Mikono (in his own way) in itself is nice.  Sorry, I know it’s bad of me but his referring to Mikono as his “wench” is too funny.

Bonus points if Mikono ends up liking him.

6.  MIX – She seems to be the most popular character on the show, probably due to her body and that she is a tsundere.  I like her hole filling ability and it get’s her up to number 6 for me.

Bonus points depending on how many of Andy’s holes she fills.

5.  Crea Dolosera – She more of a placeholder at number 5 for me and she honestly needs more screen time but she does have a cute character design.

Bonus points if she gets developed better.

4.  Zessica Wong – Let’s see, a green short-haired girl with a Chinese last name suffering from unrequited love while being the lynch pin of the operation.  Where have I seen this one before?

Bonus points if she becomes even more akin to Ranka.

3.  Andy W. Hole – The man who digs hole and has the last name Hole.  The funny innuendo is off the charts with this guy.  I want to dig holes with you too bro.  This guy is just pure win.

Bonus points for more epic hole digging lines.

2.  Mikono Suzushiro – Yes, anyone that knows me knows she was my number one by far for most of the show but she fell to number two this episode.  She’s still very cute and she has this aura about her that reminds me of Ranka for some reason (I’m sure it’s just me) but I think she is feeling a bit stale recently.  Maybe she is just getting pushed aside due to being unpopular I don’t know.  She’s still miles ahead of the rest.

Bonus points if her hinted bad boy loving side makes her more interesting.

1.  Sazanka Bianca – How I ever wish she had more screen time.  Easily the funniest character here.  Unfortunately that also makes her the joke character and keeps her out of the show most of the time.  Extra love because Megumi Nakajima is voicing her and as it’s been noted, she does kind of look like a certain someone in disguise.

Bonus points if she sings.  Megumi Nakajima will have one song on the show at least (and it’s an amazing song) but I don’t know if Sazanka will be singing it or if it’s an OP/ED song or what.