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I recently bought this Ranka figure off Mandarake along with 3 other chibi Rankas which you will see and it arrived in the mail today!!  First off I’d like to apologize for the poor quality photo’s.  They are the best I could do with my old camera and limited knowledge.  Anyways, here is my magical girl Ranka figure!!!!!!

The box it came in was enormous, seemed like overkill but it had lots of paper for padding which was good.

I thought her key was really nice.

I love her!!!!! (no really I actually love her :P)  There isn’t much I can’t add that others haven’t said about it already, I’m amazed at how detailed it is in person.  I think the paint job is not as nice as my other Ranka but considering how much more complex this one is I think they did a great job but I only have 2 figures to compare by.  She’s also a bit bigger than my other Ranka figure but not as big as I imagined her to be from the pictures.  Her box was a bit of an overkill imo and the box itself was a bit flimsy and had no art on it but the figure is what is important.

If she has one thing I don’t like it’s her pants, they seem to be too big and they like go up to her belly button.

Oh wow these little Rankas are so cute, great pick up for the price I paid for them at only 400-600 yen.  I really regret not picking up a 4th one like I was thinking about doing.  Though at this price as expected they do have a few issues, the paint has some noticeable defects if you look fairly close at them and they are not very sturdy.  These things took forever to get setup and I don’t feel like they were built to last but they are so cute I just have to give them a 10/10 anyways. ^_^

I love these wings but they just fall off with any kind of pressure.

She’s still my favorite, in fact I’ve been looking at fairy Ranka the most out of all of them.  Sooooo cute. ^_^

I like end of the triangle Ranka as well.  Of course I would since this is my favorite outfit of Ranka’s.  The little hat here is so very cute.

Naturally this one is great as well, it’s another favorite Ranka outfit of mine so I just had to buy it.  I love that the hat is removable but the ahoge was impossible to put on when she’s not wearing the hat.  As you can see I just gave up on it.

Here are all my current Ranka's together.

I don't know Azusa, I'd be worried if I were you.

It's too late for Azusa.

Soon I will build a grand army of Rankas! muwhahahaha.