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I saw this and I decided to I create my own list of shows I think need as sequel as well as a list of shows I don’t want a sequel of.  Obviously Ranka is number one, deal with it. 😛

10. Negima!? – One of my favorite shows that no one else likes, I found the shaft version of Negima!? extremely funny and would like to see some of the stories from the manga told in the Shaft style and humor.

9.  Di Gi Charat – Another relatively unknown and underrated show, it was super short (only 16 3 minute episodes and some specials) but it was hilarious.  This needs a real show and not the Nyo version that is more targeted at kids.

8.  Banner of the Stars 3 – I honestly have a hard time remembering what happened last in this show but I would like to see the story continue and it is a great space opera.

7.  K-On!! – There is a college years manga I’ve yet to read out there so I want the anime of it, simple as that.  Can never get enough of this show.

6.  Squid Girl – I won’t rest until the squidvasion is complete!

5.  Haruhi – Yup I think this one is obvious, Disappearance of Haruhi was so great I don’t want it to end.

4.  Spice and Wolf – The second season appeared to stop with the end in sight, enough reason on it’s own.

3.  Full Metal Panic – I love this show and I need more Tessa! Plus there is lots of content left to animate.  I’ve been reading the manga and it gets pretty interesting.

2.  Maria-sama ga Miteru – Four seasons of Marimite and it is from what I hear very close to the end which is very sad.  Also stopped right at the best part when Yumi made Touko her Onee-sama.  I really want to see what happens with their relationship next.

1.  Magical Girl Ranka OVA – The movie’s ending sucked, I want a good ending.  I would also like an ova to end the TV series but I figure they would just give it to Sheryl now anyways regardless that Ranka completely won.

The following are shows that are among my favorites but I don’t want a sequel for.

Haibane Renmei – Would be hard to make a new story out of this and I can’t see anything good coming out of such an attempt.  Beautiful ending and no need for more.

Gurren Lagann – Almost perfect show with a perfect ending that showed the complete story of Simon from boy to a legend among legends.  The movie couldn’t even come close to it and showed how just scaling it up more ended up being ridiculous rather than awesome.

Aria – The best slice of life show ever created, anything more could never live up to it especially since there is no more source material.

Cowboy Bebop – Would be kind of hard to do it anyways and the ending was so awesome but I can’t see anything new being able to come close to what they did in this show.

Azumanga Diaoh – One of the few comedies I love that I don’t want to see a sequel for.  This show just felt like there was no more need for any more of it when I was done with it as sad as it was for it to be over.