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Aquarion Evol (after 5 episodes)


Yaoi happens and hilarity ensues.

I am a big character person and I love most of the characters on this show and to boot I love the designs of the characters as well.  As I posted before my favorite is Mikono with Bianaca being second (partly because it’s Megumi Nakajima).  There are some Macross F references in the show as well which is nice to see.  The plot of the show is rather silly and they seem to be setting up some kind of double love triangle which seems kind of crazy.  I am still enjoying it though and having not seen the first Aquarion I have no idea what to expect next but I am hoping for something better than the Macross F ending this time from Kawamori (you owe me big time you jerk!).

In summary: Probably the most fun show to watch this season

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (after 4 episodes)

Zaku Gundam!?!?!?!?!

I must admit I am not really into anime comedy shows where the cast is all guys but this show can be rather amusing.  Jokes so far have been very hit or miss for me which is ok but it’s better when the characters are cute when it’s hit or miss. 😉  I consider a comedy show like this completely up to each individual person as to whether it’s good or not.

In summary: Funny sometimes but very dependent on individuals tastes.

Kill Me Baby (dropped after 1 episode)

I honestly didn’t find this show funny or interesting at all.  It’s usually worth trying out any comedy that looks interesting to you yourself for one episode so I’ll just leave it at that.

In summary: meh

Mouretsu Pirates (dropped after 3 episodes)

Best eyes of the winter 2012 season.

Ok this one could be good but I don’t really feel like sticking around to find out.  I really can’t get past the idea of “legal pirates.”  Why is it ever legal to go and steal peoples stuff?  Besides that I didn’t like the direction this was going.  For a show that is advertised as being about pirates what I was getting was episodes with computer hacking and class field trips.  If this show was 13 episodes long I might have stayed with it but I don’t want to get sucked into something that feels like a choir to watch.  I’m not saying it’s bad it just doesn’t appear to be something I would enjoy.

In summary: legal pirates are the future!

Nisemonogatari (after 4 episodes)

I wasn’t really a big fan of Bakemonogatari but it was alright this is pretty much more of the same but with even more fan service this time.  Still the same witty banter that is some times amusing and sometimes just dull.  It also has the best line of the season in it “the fact that a man like you won my heart will shame me for the rest of my life.”  I wish my favorite green haired girl had said that.   I have really nothing else to add about this show.  Go watch Bakemonogatari if you haven’t already, if you have and liked it then go watch this unless you hate fan service.

In summary: Lots of naked people making witty comments

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! (after 4 episodes)

Moar screentime please!

I almost can’t even admit to watching this but since it does actually have a very sweet plot I am sticking with it.  Ok, obviously this has an appeal to a particular audience in mind but I think it’s similar to Astarotte no Omocha so I think it could be a good show regardless.

In summary: Too early to tell but could still be nice

Rinne no Lagrange (after 4 episodes)

nice looking mecha is nice.

I don’t think it’s all that great so far but I do like the possibilities.  I actually like the mecha designs they are different but aesthetically pleasing to me.  The best part of the show to me of course is the OP and ED songs sung by Megumi Nakajima.  I also am liking Muginami so far but she’s only been in one episode so I could change my mind.  I think this show could be really good if they scale it up a bit towards the end but if it’s really only 12 episodes long I have my doubts.  Big bonus points if Megumi Nakajima gets a character in this show (I am hoping).

In summary: This is my dark horse pick for best show of the season.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear (after 5 episodes)

If I've learned anything from anime it's that what comes next isn't pleasant.

This has been a really weird show for me.  It started with a ripoff of the first episode of Macross F with Hibiki being almost a clone of Ranka but since episode 1 it’s been original.  I kind of wish Hibiki had remained a Ranka clone but I still like her regardless even if she is a bit too unrealistic compared to Ranka.   I honestly don’t know what to think of this show’s plot it’s so up and down for me and I’m not really sure where the show is headed but I think it will be alright.  I wish I liked the music better I keep thinking that this show would be great if they put in the music from Macross F and put in Ranka and Sheryl but I’m probably just fanboying it up.

In summary: “Sound” at concerts really does suck Hibiki.

Zero no Tsukaima F (after 3 episodes)

My meido overlord.

It’s a sequel, nothing much has changed.  Siesta is awesome.  Sorry I don’t have much to say on this. 🙂

In summary: Siesta.

Overall there aren’t all that many shows worth watching this season but I have a few that I am really enjoying which is hard for me to find anymore so I think this season is decent.  This is not a complete listing of course just what I’ve watched.  I know I didn’t really go very in-depth here and this is my first time making something like this so feedback is welcomed and discussion on the season is of course encouraged. 🙂